Miley Cyrus in Hawaii (12/29)

You really can't blame Miley Cyrus for picking up smoking. She grew up in the '90s when practically no one talked about the dangers of cigarettes. Or was that the 1890s? I always get those decades confused . . .

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: Miley Cyrus' New Year's resolution to not get lung cancer is off to a bad start

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  • Aliciad5

    wow maaaaaaan I so would hate being famous, just sitting and chilling with a smoke is an impossibility! damn!
    Oh get over it people many many people start smoking and eventually realise it is dumb and start the horrible ordeal of trying to quit! but it is obvious she is one of the humans that need to learn the lessons first hand... well so be it!

  • Sprmcandy

    Bet she sucks dick too, soo what.

  • Ohh.. Miley! come on smoking club! Actually, she matured a lot.. everyone has made´╗┐ mistakes including you and me. She's gorgeous. Your judging from what you hear you don't know her personally so don't trip. You probably do most of the stuff she does.. just cause shes famous doesn't give you a right to judge her. I'm just saying. Carry on.. Miley... carry on!!! @PAMELA:)

  • Keenest37

    Wow, what looks stupider than a cigarette hanging out of your mouth

  • Rob
  • Werosiaa

    OMG , ! :O . Doda is pregnant look ;

  • Guest

    Does anyone find this surprising. Anyone that listens to her when she talks could tell she was a smoker. I'm willing to bet she has smoked for a long time, probably since she was an early teen.

  • GQ

    Miley - please stop calling me. Although I really dig hillbilly chicks with smokin' bodies, I don't sleep with hillbilly chicks with smokin' bodies and smokin' lungs.

  • Acemeister79

    stupid bitch

  • Vloggerazzi

    Well at least it's a cigarette. A couple years from now she'll be tokin' on a bong in public.

  • fkinpervert

    i jerked off to her kneecaps.. im not joking.. oh god im pathetic

  • Morgan

    Honly Tonk girls know that smoking keep you relaxed without illegal mind altering drugs, and helps keep the weight down. That and a cigg is a good reward after riding the bull.

  • Joe Boxer

    She's been smoking for quite a while. I know in some older bikini photos, she had cigs.

  • MJ

    Judging by her voice; it's my guess that she has been smoking for awhile.

  • Hawk

    Nobody cares, Miley.


    roll your own girl yeehaw

  • dj

    she's been smoking for a long time

  • Litsa

    Smoking is cool. Don't let them tell you otherwise.

  • Jay

    She is depressed because being famous and financially successful cannot compensate for being an ugly redneck.

  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    Looks like Miley is practicing for her next career step in film. Although cigarettes are a bit smaller than what she will be inserting into her mouth

  • Urbanspaceman

    Well now she's not only fugly, but she stinks too.

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