Lindsay Lohan has some 'splaining to do

I find it a little hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan of all people would simply ignore one of her financial responsibilities. Clearly this must be some kind of accounting mistake on the part of the Federal Government. From E!:
Per court documents, the Internal Revenue Service filed a notice of a Federal Tax Lien on Jan. 5 in California against Lohan, claiming she owes the government $93,701.57 in federal income taxes for 2009. The lien was assessed against on the 25-year-old thesp's Encino home for the amount of the unpaid bill.
I don't know what I find harder to believe. That Lindsay blew off the IRS like they were some kind of common debt collector. Or that Lindsay actually made enough money in 2009 to owe $93,701.57 in taxes. Who knew being a professional fuck up paid that much. Is anyone hiring? Because I would love to sit at home and do mountains of coke all day. You could say I'm ambitious.

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