Kim Kardashian at The Weinstein post-Golden Globes Party in. Beverly Hills (1/15)

Remember when Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy for featuring her doppelganger Melissa Molinaro in a commerical, which created "marketplace confusion" and supposedly damaged her reputation? It backfired on her because now parent company The Gap is claiming that Kim never had a reputation to damage in the first place. From the New York Post:
The Gap has hired high-profile lawyer Louis Petrich to launch an investigation into Kardashian's reputation. Experts predict that resolving the case could take about a year and that Kardashian herself could end up on the witness stand.

One of Kardashian's lawyers' key pieces of evidence is reportedly consumer surveys showing that the commercial did manage to leave fans scratching their heads. Members of the media who reported on the commercial, and its likeness to Kardashian, could also be questioned in the case.

As the Hollywood Reporter explains, The Gap has a few routes to defend themselves against the lawsuit. One is to prove that Kardashian is "libel-proof," meaning that her reputation is so bad that no single thing could cause true damage.
I never thought I'd live to see this day. Judgement Day. It's the Event Horizon, or the title of any other shitty movie about the world ending you can think of. We've finally hit the point where we can say that Kim Kardashian is such a reprehensible piece of trailer trash that she can no longer be besmirched. This sets legal precedence, btw. Once The Gap trounces Team Pig in court, will have no problem with them either:

Defense Lawyer: "Your Honor, this woman is a piece of shit."

Judge: "Guilty."

Kim's Lawyer: "But this is a jury trial..."

Judge: "Guilty! The dirty sow, guilty!"

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