Mark Berndt is a sick fuck

Much has been made this week about a stunt on the new Fear Factor where contestants had to drink a mug of donkey semen to advance to the next round. The episode was supposed to air last night, but NBC relented to pressure and pulled it. Which must have been hugely disappointing for 61-year-old Mark Berndt of Los Angeles, above. Pacific Coast News says:
A primary school teacher told students they would be playing "a game" before tying them up and feeding them from a spoon containing semen, police say. Mark Berndt, 61, told the children the spoon contained something sugary and sweet, but authorities said they believed the substance was his semen. He has now been charged with lewd acts on 23 children following the incidents at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, California. Berndt was fired from the school in March 2011 and is now being held on $2.3-million bail.

Capt. Mike Parker of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said a spoon recovered from a trash bin in Berndt's classroom is a key piece of evidence. He said: "Early in the investigation, special victims bureau detectives recovered a blue plastic spoon and an empty container from the trash within the suspect’s classroom. The recovered items tested positive for semen.''

Through further investigation, the suspect’s DNA was obtained and tested, and officials said it matched that of the DNA found on the spoon and container. The investigation began when a photo processor turned over to authorities pictures of some alleged acts of bondage and the spoon-feeding, officials said. The 23 alleged victims are both boys and girls and ranged in age from seven to ten. The crimes occurred between 2008 and 2010.
In related news, officials at Penn State announced today that they've hired 61-year-old Mark Berndt of Los Angeles to fill their vacant defensive coordinator position. Whenver God closes a door, he opens a window.