Diddy at the Weinstein post-Golden Globes party in Beverly Hills (1/15)

Considering that Cameron Diaz looked like this at the Weinstein post-Golden Globes party, it's weird that Diddy would be in such a hurry to get her home. From the New York Daily News:
Diddy apparently got there solo and ... found Diaz sitting on a couch "talking to a guy," says the source.

"Let's go," Diddy told the "Bad Teacher" actress, who our source says quickly got up to follow him out a back exit where celebrities could call their cars, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Before Diaz and Diddy could make their getaway, however, our source says they ran into three male party guests who wanted their pictures taken with Diaz. She happily obliged, says our source, until an impatient Diddy grabbed her hand, said "Let's go" again, and pulled her to a waiting car.

"I've never seen him so controlling," says the source, who says Diaz "seemed to like the manly power thing."
Isn't that the way it is with "those people?" They take and take and take, and are outraged when at least a semblance of descent behavior is expected in return. Poor Cameron, she's an A-lister but being treated like ghetto trash by one of "those people." Hopefully Diddy will refrain from getting physical, but we all know how uppity "those people" can be, especially when they think they've been disrespected. Of course by "those people," I mean record execs. I know what you were thinking, and yes, you are indeed racist.

*5 Diddy pictures total in the gallery:

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