Demi Moore at the Cinema for Peace benefit at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills (1/14)

Paramedics rushed to Demi Moore's home on Monday night after a 911 call was placed; after a short evaluation, the actress was taken to the hospital. Of course Demi's rep is trying to spin this as a positive thing:
"Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends."
Oh yes exhaustion. Of course. How foolish of us all not to realize how tired Demi must be right now. If only there was something that could make her all better, a "sleep-like" cure if you will.

Obviously Demi's rep is full of shit. TMZ says the real reason she was rushed to the hospital is drugs:
Sources tell us she is being placed in a facility to "seek further professional assistance." Our sources say the treatment is for substance abuse.
Wow, this is actually kinda pathetic. Yes, Ashton Kutcher cheated on you. So what. Deal with it. Go hike a mountain. Buy one of those stress balls. Anything but drugs. Personally, when I'm feeling stressed, I like to give back to the local community. Put in some hours at the soup kitchen. Organize a recycling drive. Tutor underprivileged kids. There's just something so satisfying about helping out those less fortunate than you. Plus, there's this homeless guy at the soup kitchen that always hooks me up with coke that I turn around and sell to the underprivileged kids. Woo hoo! New iPhone, baby!

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