50 Cent at Fabrik Club in Lille, France last October

Honestly, this seems like part of a sensible retirement strategy. The markets have been too up and down lately. From The New York Daily News:
For 50 Cent, there's a lot riding on Feb. 5's Super Bowl XLVI. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, apparently has so much faith in his hometown team, the New York Giants, that he is willing to wager $1,000,000 on the Giants in the Super Bowl, according to his Twitter account ("I'm up 500,000 off the last one. f*ck it ill bet it back Ill put a 1,000,000 on my G MEN. STUNNER you got the # hit me if you want it.").
Uh oh, looks like Curtis needs to get in a few more Bat Mitzvahs before summer. He's only putting up a measly $1 million, but some other rapper put up $5 million on the Pats. What's his name? Birdman? Birdshit? I don't remember because rap isn't music, but it's nice to see Curtis and friends making such wise decisions with their money. Is that the insurance money he got from burning down his baby mamma's house? Zing! Boo ya! Uh huh!

Btw, I'm kidding, Mr. Jackson. Pretty please don't sue me.

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  • Nothing in this article is truly important. You talked bad about him the whole time, yet, you found the time to write the article. He's a grown man, who works hard, he and Birdman, and he does other things with his money beside bet on football games. Positive things! And if you searched for the positive you would know that. Yet, this is the beauty of politics and of freedom of speech. You get to pick a topic and write about how dumb it is and I get to tell you how dumb I think it is for you to write about something you think is dumb. But.....Rap isn't music!! Really!! He didn't get a $10 million a year endorsement from Vitamin Water because rap isn't music. Hell! Where do you think his money came from...before Vitamin Water. Rap is poetry in rhythm! Rap is a culture! A freedom of speech (which you practice oh so well)! A way for others who can't write as eloquently as you to express themselves. Yet, somehow, the rap still sounds better. Rap is definitely music and 50 Cent could definitely sue you for that baby mama comment....if he didn't have enough money already.

    P.S. Thank You!! Reading and Responding to things like this and people with opinions so strong as yours, with balls big enough to voice them, surely inspires me to write. Whether other people think it's important or not because if you can get ME to speak up AND write back...You're doing something right

  • HA! I hope he loses it all.

  • Nacho

    Can some one just put another shoot in him and end it all

  • OMG_in_2012

    Awesome, I sure hope the Dumb Fuck loses it all!!

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