Miss USA busted for DUI

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih was busted for DUI over the weekend outside Detroit. Congratulations Rima: you made the mere act of being near Detroit somehow worse than it already is. Rima's attorney Doraid Elder told the Detroit Free Press:
[Elder] said he had been retained that night and had few details about the arrest but said Fakih’s record “has not a single blemish” and she was “very saddened and very apologetic for the situation that she is in right now.”

Highland Park police would not confirm the arrest, saying inquiries would be answered Monday by the chief or deputy chief.

Elder repeatedly referred to the charge as “allegations,” but also said “this shouldn’t be something that defines who she is,” adding it was “poor judgment” on her part.

About 5 p.m. Saturday, Fakih tweeted from her @OfficialRima Twitter account: “Let’s clear things up now.... I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih.”

The tweet also appeared on Fakih’s Facebook page. The message was deleted from both accounts late Saturday.

So she's a drunk and a liar? Two fantastic qualities in a woman. If she liked to steal, too, she'd remind me exactly of my ex-girlfriend. I wonder if Rima also answers to the pet name "YOU STUPID WHORE"?

*46 Rima Fakih pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Rimah Fakih DUI 20
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 21
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 22
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 23
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 24
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 25
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 26
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 27
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 28
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 29
  • Rimah Fakih DUI 30
  • MacKenzie Hawkins

    Of course she was drinking, she was in Detroit! Hells Bells, I'd have an IV of Jack Daniels in my vein if I lived in that cesspool of a city. I see no fault in her being drunk and trying to get out of there. None whatsoever

  • Morgan

    The Holy Book forbids alcohol consumption by Muslims, and many Sharia Courts have found that females should not be driving motor vehicles.

  • Morgan

    This is a prime example of what happens when Muslim women are allowed to drive automobiles. They start drinking and lose their virginity. For this offense, under Sharia Law, she should receive ten lashes, second offense stoning.


    Last week a Saudi cleric said that Muslim women who ae allowed to drive will end all viginity and morality for Islam, looks like that prediction is coming true will the Sharia court be beheading her soon?

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