Rima Fakih in a bikini

Miss USA was WASTED this weekend when she was arrested for DUI outside Detroit, blowing nearly three times the legal limit. Heh heh heh, blowing. From the Detroit Free Press:
[Officer] Kalis reported asking for the driver's license said the "driver immediately identified herself as Miss USA and stated that she was driving a friend's car." Kalis said Fakih "appeared disoriented and had very slurred speech while fumbling for her purse." Kalis asked Fakih if she had been drinking, and she said, "No, not at all."

In the report, officers said they found an open and half-empty bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne on the floorboard behind the driver's seat. "I swear, I didn't know it was open," Fakih told Kalis, according to the report.

Two breath tests showed a 0.19 percent and a 0.20 percent blood-alcohol level. Michigan law defines drunkenness at a level of 0.08 percent.
Wow, Rima was lying about drinking even after cops found the open champagne bottle in her car. This bitch does not give up without a fight. In other words, she's everything I want someone representing America to be . . . *wipes away tear* . . . sorry, patriotism always brings out my raw emotions.

*20 Rima Fakih pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 7
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 8
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 9
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 10
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 11
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 12
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 13
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 14
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 15
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 16
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 17
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 18
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 19
  • Rima Fakih Blood Alcohol 20
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  • Jay

    I favor a circumcision for this woman.

  • Hawk

    So, telling the cops this is not your car doesn't automatically make you immune from the stupid shit you do in the car?

  • Morgan

    Sharia law does not allow alcohol consumption, nor does it allow women to flaunt their naked bodies. This woman has defied the Prophet's law. Detroit is full of good Muslims who can show her the error of her ways, and help her to return to the way. A good start would be taking her driver's license away and forbidding her to drive a motor vehicle. No good can ever come from allowing Muslim women to drive.


    A Fatwah will be issued she has offended the Imam and Mohammed and must be punished as an infidel lady with a drivers license and no morality or virginity

  • Morgan

    She is unmarried, yet I believe it is true that she is no virgin. Now, no good believer would want her either.


    her family must either commit an honor killing or at least a ritual circumcision to put her on the path of rightiousness and to restore their good name,praise be to Allah

  • Morgan

    I predict the family and their Iman will take the matter in hand. The very least we can expect is her driving privileges will be removed, and it the future she will wear a burka.

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