Nicky Hilton is a mess

"Nicky wasn't focused on her career" might be the funniest thing I've read in the five years of writing this site. When did Nicky Hilton ever have a career? Was I asleep or on vacation when it happened? From In Touch Weekly:
It's been more than four months since their romance ended, but Nicky Hilton still isn't over her ex-boyfriend David Katzenberg, and she has the weight loss to prove it. Always on the thinner side, a friend reveals that Nicky has lost more than 15 pounds since David, 28, dumped her back in July, and the unlucky-in-love hotel heiress continues to lose weight. "Nicky was blindsided when David ended their relationship after four years," her friend says. "When he told her they needed to talk, she was expecting an engagement ring, not a kiss-off." In addition to her love woes, the friend says that Nicky, 28, is also worried about her career as the offers aren't coming in these days like they used to a few years back. "Nicky wasn't focused on her career when she was with David, but now she is," the friend says. "It's causing her some angst and affecting her appetite." (Print Edition - 12/12)
Well I guess the mystery of "whatever happened to Nicky Hilton" is solved -- if you want to call it a mystery. I don't mean the losing weight mystery, I mean the falling off the face of the Earth mystery. Look dummy, the boy toy dumped you because Windows 3.1 gets more Google hits than you do these days. Lately, the only Hilton that gets mentioned anywhere is that creepy little brother, Douchebag Hilton (I forgot his name). Now, I do have a heart. I understand that opening a bowling alley in Hidden Timber, South Dakota really isn't where Nicky pictured herself being as far as her celebrity goes, but let's be honest for a spell -- Nicky Hilton's "career" has been and will continue to be waiting for her parents to die.

*10 Nicky Hilton pictures total in the gallery:

  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 1
  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 2
  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 3
  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 4
  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 5
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  • Nicky Hilton Not Eating 10

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