Gerard Butler filming Of Men and Mavericks in Santa Cruz (10/14)

(Note: apologies for the lateness of some of these posts. On vacation right now and apparently Mexico isn't known for its telecom infrastructure. Who knew?)

Gerard Butler almost died on the set of Of Men and Mavericks on Monday. Oh, did I mention "the set" was the infamous Mavericks surf break in Northern California? Because "the set" was the infamous Mavericks surf break in Northern California. Gerard was sucked under the water by a few huge waves and then tossed against some rocks. The actor was taken to Stanford Medical Center, examined, poked, prodded, called an idiot, and released. Huffington Post says:
Butler was held underwater for two waves and washed through some rocks while tethered to his surfboard, Wormhoudt said. A safety patrolman on a Jet Ski swooped in and picked up the actor ... Maverick's cold water and giant waves have made it a Mt. Everest-like conquest for some surfers. And it has impacted many lives, whether it be the death of legendary big wave waterman or serious injury to less experienced surfers seeking to make a name for themselves.
According to Gerard, the scene was actually going as planned until he realized that he wasn't a professional surfer and had no fucking clue what he was doing. But that one-armed chick makes it look so easy!

*5 Gerard Butler pictures total in the gallery:

  • Gerard Butler Mavericks Surfer 1
  • Gerard Butler Mavericks Surfer 2
  • Gerard Butler Mavericks Surfer 3
  • Gerard Butler Mavericks Surfer 4
  • Gerard Butler Mavericks Surfer 5
[Pacific Coast News]

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