BREAKING: Blake Lively has sexy legs

I don't believe this for a second, but apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is heartbroken and wishes he would have never dumped Blake Lively. Did he forget that his new girlfriend, Madalina Diana Ghenea, is roughly 10x hotter? From the National Enquirer:
Leonardo Dicaprio -- suddenly heartsick and lonely after dumping girlfriend Blake Lively -- keeps telling pals: "I made a huge mistake!" said a source: "Leo ended their five-month fling when he told Blake he just didn't have time in his life for serious romance, so she moved on -- quickly falling in love with Ryan Reynolds. But now, after being inundated wit photos and reports about his old flame and her new flame, Leo's jealous and wants Blake back."

Insiders confide that DiCaprio's texting and phoning nonstop with reconciliation pleas -- but Blake's adamant. Said the source: "She told Leo, 'we're not getting back together. I'm very happy right now, and I hope you'll find someone great...just as I have!'"
If Leo's really heartbroken over Blake, there's always one thing he can do to make himself feel better: look in the mirror. I mean, seriously, how is a guy that rich and good-looking supposed to feel bad about anything? All he has to do is walk out of his front door and he probably has 50 hotties lined up ready to bang him. No, there's only one thing that should make this guy feel bad about himself: The Beach (2000).

*15 Blake Lively pictures total in the gallery:

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