Kris Humphries appearing on Good Morning America in New York (12/9)

Of course Kris Humphries is writing a tell-all about Kim Kardashian. Knowing him, I guarantee it has some kind of pop-up or coloring component to it. A source told Star:
"[Kris] always insisted he'd never write a book about her. But with things getting uglier by the day, he has been meeting with top NYC literary agents and mulling over offers to do just that."

Also included in Kris' plan of attack: a possible documentary on his short yet dramatic life with the reality star and her family. And his own clan is on board if he needs help: "The Humphries family fully supports Kris and will participate to back up his claims." (Print Edition - 12/19)
Let's get something straight right freakin' now: Kris Humphries isn't writing anything. The man is a neanderthal -- he should be clapping dull rocks together to make sharp rocks for hunting. His agent is writing a book in Kris' name. And what would a tell-all reveal about Kim that any 13-year-old girl can't? Kris, you MARRIED A PORN STAR. Porn stars are not honorable people, and they very literally will do anything for money. If you don't believe me, ask my close and personal friends Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods, Tito Ortiz, or Kirk Cameron. We were in 'nam together, and we know what we speak of. Let's assume you didn't know how Kim got famous. Do you mean to tell us that you never wondered why she always smelled like condoms, stickum spray, and urine?

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