Brandy leaving Trousdale nightclub in Hollywood (6/17)

Wrote in October about Kim Kardashian's first "major" actor role in Tyler Perry's new movie The Marriage Counselor. There's one actress not exactly thrilled to be working with Kim in the new film. Here's a hint: Kim rocketed to stardom by fucking her brother on film. From the National Enquirer:
Brandy has declared war on Kim Kardashian! The R&B singer -- still steaming over the sleazy sex tape that Kim made with her brother Ray J -- is livid that director Tyler Perry cast Kim alongside her in his new movie "The Marriage Counselor," insiders say. Now the former "Moesha" star, 32, is demanding that Kim stay out of her way on the set!

"Brandy is telling friends that she's furious with Tyler Perry," a family friend divulged. "She feels that Tyler purposely cast both her and Kim in the film because it would generate a lot of buzz. She's told anyone who'll listen that she hates working with Kim and she doesn't want to be anywhere near her. Brandy has even asked the production people to give her a heads-up if Kim is on the set because she doesn't want to run into the wannabe movie star!

"Brandy is still embarrassed that her brother is 'out there' for everyone to see. She also believes that Kim -- or someone close to her -- put out the tape to make money. Brandy is livid about having to work with Kim, but she can't pull out of the film because she needs the paycheck." (Print Edition: November 28)
What is Brandy so upset about? If it weren't for her brother banging Kim Kardashian, no one would even remember who she is. Brandy's just jealous she didn't think of the same way to keep her name in the press. Sure, Brandy tried to drum up publicity by causing a fatal car crash a couple of years ago, but killing someone never rallies your fans around you like you'd hoped -- unless your name is O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson. I know, I know, Michael Jackson didn't *technically* kill any boys. He just killed their innocence.

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  • Pbroeck

    At least Brandy has some class .... Kim is a total embarrasment

  • Hawk

    Oh Brandy, you're so amusing. Thinking people actually give a shit about you.

  • Omnomnom

    Mhh... I've forgotten about Moesha. She still has that big booty that looks just as thick and juicy as Kim Kardashian's. Lips are awesome, too

  • Morgan

    Lets not bad mouth Kim. She supports the 99% and brings hope to the little people of America. Hope for change. Kim is good people.

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