Kat Von D out and about in L.A. (11/8)

I'm joking with that headline of course. They're acting exactly like you'd expect two mentally unstable reality stars to act. Oops, "mentally unstable" and "reality star" may be a little redundant. From Star:
[Jesse James] and his ex-fiancee [Kat Von D] have already declared war over the $50,000, four-carat platinum and diamond Neil Lane engagement ring he bought her last January: "Now that he and Kat are totally broken up, Jesse wants the ring back," says the insider. "The money he paid for it obviously isn't going to make or break him, but Jesse's always been a tightwad."

But Kat is clawing back! "She won't return the ring to Jesse, and she's not budging. She says she deserves it for putting up with him!" (Print Edition - 12/12)
The poser is mad at the phony over a ring, did I get it right? I'd love to give an honest assessment about these two, but they're so "reality TV" that I'm not sure if they're even real people. What can I say about Katherine Drachenberg that any of you would care about? It's not 2008 anymore. She was interesting until we got to know her, now she's just another personality black hole with a lot of sloppy ink. What can I say about Jesse James? Oh yeah, he's not related to the cool Jesse James. That, and a $40,000 ring will break him financially. Besides that, I got nothin'. More than a dozen TV shows combined, and I'm still waiting for either one to say something remotely noteworthy. Honestly? I've invested more emotion in peeling off Band-Aids.

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