Helen Mirren in Puglia, Italy in 2008

I don't know why the hell you would want this, but Helen Mirren is giving away the famous red bikini she was seen wearing in Italy in 2008. Um, hooray? Via Digital Spy:
Dame Helen Mirren has teamed up with ITV's Daybreak to give away her famous red bikini. The Oscar-winning actress was pictured wearing the bikini while on holiday in Italy in 2008. Speaking in September, Mirren claimed that the images will "haunt" her forever. Money raised from the swimwear will go towards Age UK's 'Spread the Warmth' campaign, which was launched last year in response to the deaths of more than 200 elderly people per day in the cold weather.

Mirren told Daybreak of the photograph's popularity: "It was just one of those tsunami of a kind of a moment in one's life that was out of my control. There was nothing I could do about it and I just had to go with the flow, so to speak. It was kind of a shock that anybody would be remotely interested in what I look like in a bikini, but there you go, it happened and I've been dealing with it ever since!"
Ok, the fun's over. I'm sure some pervert will want that stupid old lady bikini just to smell the bottoms, but Helen Mirren isn't exactly Kate Beckinsale. Those pictures were a nice distraction from the norm and we all masturbated to them, but it's time to flush the toilet on this whole fiasco. What's next? A Judi Dench upskirt? How about a grainy greenlight video of Betty White scissoring Alfre Woodard? Aw god damn it, now I'm hard. I need a tugjob from an arthritic hand.

*5 Helen Mirren pictures total in the gallery:

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[Daily Mail]

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