Drew Barrymore is back on meat

Everyone knows that the best kind of food is the kind that used to have a family (i.e. meat). Yet, incredibly, there's crazy people out there in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Texas that have never had the sheer, visceral pleasure of devouring a Double-Double from In-N-Out (i.e. vegetarians). You can officially take Drew Barrymore off that list because she's back with the good guys.  From Star:
Longtime vegetarian and animal rights activist Drew Barrymore is ditching her meat-free diet for her boyfriend of nearly a year, Will Kopelman:

"Drew is back on meat," and insider tells Star. "She's been a vegetarian for more than 10 years. But Will is a full-on-meat-and-potatoes guy. Drew said it was just too hard to do it on her own. Drew and Will have been living together, splitting their time between New York and L.A. Drew loves taking care of Will, which includes making home-cooked meals. She'd grill a steak for Will and then fix herself a bowl of rice and beans, but that was a total drag." (Print Edition - 12/19)
Wow, Will Kopelman must have quite the hog on him. How else can you explain how he converted this dumb vegetarian into a Tyrannosaurus Rex? For those of you who don't know, vegetarians are assholes. All of them. Vegetarians just don't know it because they're too pissed off about being hungry. Pretty sure Hitler was a vegetarian. You think he would have invaded Poland if he had a fat steak with a dollop of blue cheese butter on it in front of him? Of course not. I would literally fuck a fat steak with a dollop of blue cheese butter on it if you put it in front of me right now.

*21 Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman pictures total in the gallery:

  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 1
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 2
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 3
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 4
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 5
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 6
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 7
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 8
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 9
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 10
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 11
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 12
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 13
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 14
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 15
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 16
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 17
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 18
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 19
  • Drew Barrymore Meat Eater 20
  • Gdrive

    Last time she was cool was when she was a teen. She's been a flake ever since. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7NTp...

  • dandilion

    Too late her brain is already shrunk..

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  • crtb

    Girl, never change who you are for a man. He wouldn't STOP eating me for you, would he?

  • Poler-bchoo

    i lost respect for drew about 15 or so years ago when she she ditch the veggies for a then bf ,it seems to me she just jumps on bandwagons (or boyfriends) whenever she feels like it then jumps straight off again when it suits the times.
    i find her frivolous and shallow.

  • Morgan

    The only people in Texas that are anti-meat eating, are a bunch of eastern yankees and some california nuts that snuck into Texas.

  • JRBrul

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