Blake Lively at "A Tribute To Pedro Almodovar" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (11/15)

Ryan Reynolds might want to slow it down just a tad with Blake Lively. Dude, you look like Ryan Reynolds. Blake's not going to leave you anytime soon. Well, unless she has no soul like Scarlett Johansson. Which is a distinct possibility. From the Chicago Sun Times:
That fast-track romance between "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds continues in high gear. Not only have the coosome twosome [ed. note: whoever wrote that should be beaten into a coma] been spied locking lips a lot, but a good New York real estate source tells me the couple are seriously shopping for fancy new digs they will share in the Big Apple. A key requirement: a high-rise home that will not have easy, nearby access for pesky paparazzi.
I think I've officially given up on Ryan Reynolds. I tried to get him to man up a little bit, but he's only getting worse. Now he wants to settle down and buy a house with a chick he pretty much just met? I wouldn't be surprised if he's sharing a double dildo with Blake, too (Requiem for a Dream, anyone?).

The reason why Scarlet had to cut this punk loose is becoming clear: Ryan Reynolds is a smothering girlie man. I never thought I'd say this before, but he needs to act a little more like Charlie Sheen around women. This whole situation is really tragic -- Ryan's a young guy with years of banging starlets ahead of him and is just wasting his time with relationships. Hell, at least Harrison Ford had the good sense to get into his 60s before he starting shooting estrogen.

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