Ashton Kutcher is a dick

No shock here, but Ashton Kutcher's former stepdaughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis all hate him now for cheating on their mom. Welcome to life, kids. An insider told Mike Walker:
"When news surfaced a year ago that Ashton had been unfaithful, the girls refused to believe it. But when the scandal resurfaced, his 'daughters' confronted 'Dad' for the truth - but Ashton LIED to them, flatly denying he'd cheated. Even though he's been in the girls' lives for more than eight years, and had hoped to continue being the girls' 'second dad,' they now want NOTHING to do with him. He's tried numerous times to contact them, but they refuse to respond."
Oh no, these girls feel so betrayed by someone that was in their lives for a whole "eight years." How will they ever cope? Newsflash Rumor, Scout and Tullulah: the world is full of disappointments and injustices -- just look at your first names. The bottom line is that these three should be more upset with their real dad, Bruce Willis. I mean seriously, did they even see Cop Out (2010)?

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