Fellow Americans: Have a happy, and safe, Thanksgiving. Non-Americans: Have fun at work tomorrow while we all get fatter, suckers!

NOTE: All the pictures have commentary under them, so be sure to click through the full gallery.

*15 pictures total in the gallery:

  • Christina Aguilera \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Double cheeseburgers. She's not very traditional\)
  • Britney Spears \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Candy left over from Halloween\)
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Loneliness. Despair. Depression\)
  • Jessica Simpson \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Everything all at once. In burrito form. With whipped cream salsa\)
  • Whitney Houston \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Mashed potatoes. With crack on top\, of course\)
  • Kirstie Alley \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Whole Foods. The entire store\)
  • Luke Wilson \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Ice cream stuffing. He actually stuffs ice cream into the turkey\)
  • Vince Vaughn \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Turkey. I mean the whole thing\)
  • Kelly Clarkson \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Pumpkin pie-flavored mashed potatoes. She mixes them\)
  • Val Kilmer \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Anything he can reach from the couch without actually having to get up\)
  • Matthew Perry \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: TV dinner. He lives a very lonely life\)
  • Mischa Barton \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Anything with the word pie in its name\)
  • Janet Jackson \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Dinner rolls. She can fit 10 in her mouth at once\)
  • Tyra Banks \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Attention\)
  • Kathleen Turner \(Thanksgiving Drug of Choice\: Bacon\)
  • jim

    yibida yibida, that's all folks

  • JurgenBrul

    Dear friends,

    No matter what we do
    (No matter what we do)
    No matter what we say
    (No matter what we say)
    We're the song inside the tune
    (Yeah, oh yeah)
    Full of beautiful mistakes

    And everywhere we go
    (And everywhere we go)
    The sun will always shine
    (The sun will always, always, shine)
    And tomorrow we might awake
    On the other side

    We're beautiful
    No matter what they say
    Yes words won't bring us down
    Oh no
    We are beautiful
    In every single way
    Yes words can't bring us down
    Oh no
    So don't you bring me down today

    Oh, oh
    Don't you bring me down today
    Don't you bring me down, ooh


    Jurgen R. Brul

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