Snooki at The Grove in Hollywood (11/16)

Damn, when did Snooki get hot? . . . wait a minute, did I just say that out loud? Aw god dammit. From In Touch Weekly:
More than a year after they started dating, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her beau, Jionni LaValle, have split, In Touch can exclusively reveal. “It happened after her birthday party last weekend in Las Vegas,” a friend says of the 23-year-old Jersey Shore vixen. “They’re done!” And it seems that the reality star’s thin new frame is to blame for the parting. “Snooki broke up with him because she is looking better than ever and wants to date someone famous,” the friend explains.
Snooki, good luck finding someone famous to date. With all of your venereal diseases, your choices are going to be limited to Paris Hilton or anyone that she's slept with. Besides, just because she's lost a little weight doesn't mean Snooki's desirable now. If she really wants a new man, she'll need to lose something more important -- her voice box.

*16 Snooki pictures total in the gallery:

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  • ?????????
    Who is this thing? This is a cartoon. A badly conceived cartoon. America has no culture.

  • Austinguy

    I would not even hesitate. She is delish.

  • Diamondiix

    She will never get any guy the way she act especially when she's drinking she's a sloppy mess showing her vagina and falling over drunk. Trash. If you ever saw some chick dancing on a table and fall of drunk it's disgusting.

  • dotmatrix

    In her case, "looking better than ever" doesn't really mean anything.

  • Hagar

    Christina Aguilera never looked better.

  • Morgan

    Snooki is beautiful, intellegent, talented and rich. She deserves the best that life can offer. Through her own effort she lifted herself from nothing to fame and fortune. Through it all she has remained humble and modest. The is a fine example of the best of young American womanhood.

  • Blowmesnooki

    LMFAO. Seriously? she is a fine example of the best of young American womanhood? She looks like the blueberry chick from willy wonka and the chocolate factory. You must be one the 5 morons that still watch that MTV Sewage program.

  • Fawks

    Wow... this is your typical american woman mindset. And wow she does not look "better than ever".
    Whatever: bless the guy for being free of such a dumb cunt.

  • WeeItsNookies

    QFT..Women are biologically programmed to be gold digging whores, they can't help it. If you're married..Theres a 90% chance that she would leave you for someone rich and famous if she was under the impression he actually cared for her..Then they make a bad choice, then finally realized she was used like the ho she is and then it'll be too late.

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