Ryan Gosling filming Gangster Squad in L.A. (9/29)

I know Ryan Gosling is planting these kinds of stories in the media so he can pull more ass. C'mon dude, leave some for the rest of us. Greedy bastard. From the National Enquirer:
Hey, ladies, Ryan Gosling's not simply hot and sexy - he loves spreading around BIG buck$$! Attending a Jimmy Kimmel-hosted bash at a trendy Hollywood eatery, Ryan generously started tipping servers with $100 bills as he departed - even though Jimmy had explained he'd taken care of all gratuities! "When Jimmy saw Ryan selling out C-notes, he told him again that he'd already taken care of the tips," said a source. "But that didn't stop Ryan. He kept slipping big bills to the waiters. He's such a generous guy!" (Print Edition - November 21)
Famous, good looking, AND generous with his cash? This dude's like the holy trinity for women. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out next week that he keeps his pants up by tying his dick around his waist. Of course, Ryan better be careful about wasting so much money like this. If he isn't careful, he might turn into the next MC Hammer or even worse, a Congressman.

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