Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot

Lindsay Lohan is court right now for her probation violation hearing. The consensus seems to be that she will receive jail time, but the question is how much? I bet it's underwhelming!

UPDATE: 6 days in jail. Judge Sautner actually sentenced her to 30 days (with no house arrest like last time), but the Sheriff's Dept said she'll only serve 20% of the sentence. It's times like this that I envy Saudi Arabia's "I will cut your fucking head off with a sword" style of justice.

Perhaps worse for Lindsay is Judge Sautner's order that she complete 40+ days work at the morgue with progress goals in mid-December, mid-January, and the end of March. If Lindsay doesn't complete everything by March 29, she's getting an additional 270 days tacked onto her sentence (54 days@20%). The judge might as well have ordered Lindsay to fly to the moon because she absolutely no chance in hell of not fucking this up.

Lindsay also can't leave the state. Wait, why is California being punished? This is bullshit.