Lindsay Lohan leaving Wabi-Sabi restaurant in Venice Beach (11/5)

Lindsay Lohan wasn't invited to the premiere party for Leo DiCaprio's new movie J. Edgar last week in Hollywood, but that didn't really matter to her. She showed up anyways and made the "multiple" A-listers there "uncomfortable." Go Team Lindsay! From the New York Post:
A source at the bash told us, "Lindsay was arguing with the security to let her in, dropping every celebrity’s name to get in. She could be heard saying, 'I have to go and see Leo.' Eventually they let her in, but she made everybody uncomfortable. She was aggressive and random, storming around. She tried to get to Leo, but he was surrounded by his security and a posse of his friends. Clint and Leo and Dustin Lance Black were talking, and Lindsay sent one of her aides over, demanding to get a photo with them, but security shooed them away."

Another spy at the party, attended by Ron Howard, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner and actress/producer Christie Cashman, said Lohan kept asking to meet Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer, who’d already left.
Shrewd move, Lindsay. Kim Kardasian had the "Celebslam 2011 Selfish Twat of the Year Award (as brought to you by Microsoft)" all wrapped up. KK's relentless self-promotion made her the runaway winner -- or so we thought.  In the baseball game of life Kim had an MVP season with her high on-base percentage, but this is the playoffs, bitch. Trademark infringement, thousands of staged photo ops, and fake marriages don't really measure up to prison time, property damage, public meltdowns, meth mouth, and more prison time. It looks like this award is going back to the engravers unless Kim can manufacture a sex tape with Muammar Gaddafi.

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