Honestly, who the hell would read this book?

Another day, another story about a Kardashian's shameless attempts to make a buck. In this case, we have Kris Jenner ruthlessly squeezing nickels out of "mommy bloggers." From the New York Post:
Jenner, who has done a grueling series of TV appearances this week to insist that Kim didn’t profit from her mega-televised wedding to Kris Humphries, took time for a book launch at The Darby on Wednesday night to make some of her own money. Spies at the event said publisher Simon and Schuster brought along 100 books for Jenner to sign, but instead of giving them to the invited guests for free, as is usual, they set up a credit-card machine, charging all the mommy bloggers for their personalized copies. "They even had a fanny pack on hand to collect cash," said a source.
What is Kris' infatuation with money? Even when she's promoting her own product, the greedy bitch won't give anything away for free. Of course, you can't really blame Kris for charging these people for copies of her book. Anyone pathetic enough to drive to a store and wait in line to meet Kris Jenner deserves to get fleeced. And put down Old Yeller style.

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