K-E-N-D-A-L-L, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall!

The youngest of the Kardashian family -- Kendall Jenner -- turned 16 yesterday. So why wouldn't she be getting her own over-the-top Sweet 16 special on E!? What, you didn't get a car and have Kanye West perform at your 16th birthday party? Loser. From Us Weekly:
Sources tell Us to look for a special episode in which the birthday girl shops for a car -- and a belly button ring or tattoo!

And though it won't be as large in scale as sis Kim Kardashian's August nuptials, Jenner's bash itself is set to make for must-see TV. Says a source: "[E!] is trying to line up Nicki Minaj or Kanye [West] to perform."
My god, does this family have any shame? They built up this huge buzz for Kim's attention-whoring wedding, and now that that's out of the news cycle, they're moving onto another over-the-top party. Listen Kris, you little manipulating puppeteer, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, and I'll never beat off to another one of your daughters again. So there, take that!

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*10 Kendall Jenner pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 1
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 2
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 3
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 4
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 5
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 6
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 7
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 8
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 9
  • Kendall Jenner Sweet 16 10
[Pacific Coast News]
  • KardashianLover7

    thts so mean like seriously STOP JUDGING PEOPLE! everyone in tht family is G.O.R.G.E.U.S .. so hatin and get a life -_-

  • Musicman77

    Music Videos


  • Vloggerazzi

    Rob Kardashian is totally going to off himself if his younger sister's celebrity careers start taking off.

  • ..{ Attractive man }..

    Who cares

  • Unruly

    Celebrate mediocrity.

  • Acemeister79

    Here's a quarter - next time you're downtown get a rat to chew that thing off your face...

  • Unruly

    Uncle Buck ftw!

  • Jim618

    Three of those pictures are of her sister, Kylie, who is actually the youngest of the fame-whoring Kardashian-Jenner clan.

  • Gay Hunter

    you're gay that you know that

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