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In case you missed the story, Hilary Swank was paid in the mid six figures to attend the birthday party of Ramzan Kadyrov last month. OK, no big deal, right? Hollywood stars are always getting paid big bucks for personal appearances. Well the big deal is Kadyrov is the President of Chechnya and, among other things, has been accused of torture, murder, and kidnapping. He's a pretty bad dude. After news broke about Hilary's appearance, she did some housecleaning and fired her manager and most of her management team. In other words, she's playing it off like she didn't know who Kadyrov was. Too bad she's completely full of shit. From the Chicago Sun Times:
While the two-time Oscar winner continues to deny she had any knowledge of Kadyrov’s reputation, Hollywood insiders say she passed the buck by firing her management team after her trip to Chechnya snared a lot of unflattering headlines.

A source knowledgeable about the story said Monday, "Hilary knew fully well what Kadyrov was all about. She just never thought anybody [in the United States] would hear about [her trip]. . . . It's not like Chechnya is on most people's radar."
Doesn't Hilary own two Oscars and millions of dollars? What is she doing shamelessly selling herself out on an international stage like this? That sort of thing should be left to other celebrities like Barack Obama Paris Hilton and Victoria Silvstedt. Besides, what was this guy hiring Hilary for in the first place? If he really wanted to hang out with someone that looked like her, he could have spent a lot less by holding the party at the local stables.

*10 Hilary Swank pictures total in the gallery:

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