Eva Amurri bikini pics!

Here's some pics of Susan Sarandon's daughter Eva Amurri in a bikini on her honeymoon in Maui this week (tweeted by her new husband, soccer commentator Kyle Martino). And yes, you're right, the pics are a bit blurry, but they're definitely better than not looking at pictures of Eva Amurri in a bikini on her honeymoon. Gosh, why do you have to be so negative all the time! First about my weight, and now this!

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*8 Eva Amurri pictures total in the gallery:

  • Eva Amurri Honeymoon Bikini 1
  • Eva Amurri Honeymoon Bikini 2
  • Eva Amurri Honeymoon Bikini 3
  • Eva Amurri Honeymoon Bikini 4
  • Eva Amurri Honeymoon Bikini 5
  • Poot

    Her husband needs to put the camera down and make her a fucking sandwich, for fuck's sake.

  • Anexio

    I give her a 10 for letting me see her teats on Californication but I subtract 8 for being related to Susan Sarandon.

  • FromNJ

    Soccer commentator? Is that a job?

  • She lost too much weight. I miss her curves.

  • Morgan

    She is her mother's dauaghter. I don't think this is entirely a good thing

  • woodmember

    I hope her new husband likes the fact that I'm jerking off to naked pictures of her I found on the internet. Good luck with that marriage!

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