Conrad Hilton is an idiot

Paris Hilton's 17-year-old brother Conrad absolutely destroyed a parked car while speeding down a street in Brentwood early Sunday morning (video below). Dammit, I thought he was going to be the one to break the cycle of Hilton stupidity. From TMZ:
The Hilton car hit several parked cars in Brentwood, CA at around 12:50 AM. Cops say Hilton exchanged information with the owner of one of the vehicles and a witness before leaving. Law enforcement says Hilton left his car behind, as it was in no condition to be driven. It was eventually towed away.

Conrad Hilton was at the Key Club in nearby West Hollywood last night, before the accident.
There you go. Conrad -- who's 17, mind you -- was at the Key Club right before the accident (did I mention he's 17?). I hear they serve a mean apple juice there. He was probably so hopped up on sugar, he just lost control of the car. Totally understandable.

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