Christina Aguilera at the 2011 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre LA LIVE (11/20)

Apparently forgetting that she's no longer the hot version of herself that existed 10 years ago, Christina Aguilera wore a tight-fitting Herve Leger dress to last night's American Music Awards. Did she lose a bet? Couldn't she have done something less embarrassing, like shave her head? And more importantly, will the Herve Leger boutique take one of their dresses back for a refund if it has wing sauce on it? I'm talking cash back, not store credit.

*17 Christina Aguilera pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Christina Aguilera Herve Leger 2
  • Christina Aguilera Herve Leger 3
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  • Christina Aguilera Herve Leger 6
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  • handsumone

    she's still one of the hottest ladies on earth, are you kidding me.

  • Eve DeVinney

    Though I am an old woman - she represents what I believe to be very attractive to men. Not skin and bones !

  • Dustin

    what a lovely face and body! Always love her! She looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress

  • Apparently this is journalism

    I'm glad to see everyone in the comments thinks she looks hot, because she does. This kind of stupid opinion is what helps breed eating disorders. Bet she's hotter than the failed journalist that wrote this 'article' - 77 words with 17 pictures, how's that degree working out for ya ;)

  • Utuy

    i`d tap that !

  • Man

    i still could f**k her

  • Veronica

    I'm usually the first to argue for curvy women as opposed to the "prepubescent boy" looking women. But she needs to tone it down a little with the outfits. I watch The Voice regularly and she always has on outfits that don't do her justice and make me think of Cher. Spandex should not be worn by larger women... period. And what's with the shiny/sweaty looking boobs always popping out?

  • Veronica

    Larger women can be extremely sexy, but that dress makes her look like a split can of biscuits. Real muffin tops are yummy, not Christina's muffin tops.

  • Gezzer

    Repeat after me:
    Woman, Woman not boyish girl.
    It p@sses me off how women get totally f@cked up over the "got to be thin" message that modern society keeps pumping out. They do it for a reason. Advertising 101: People who feel dissatisfied with themselves will identify with people that portray who they think they'd like to be for what ever reason. Keep them dissatisfied with role model examples of unobtainable results and you can sell them anything if it even hints that they'll be more like their role models. Why do you think so many producers freak out when a girl puts on an extra pound or two?
    The funny thing is many guys (myself for one) like curves on a woman. Not obese but curvy. Her biggest crime is she or her dresser tried to fit her as a small girl, not a full bodied woman.

  • Starlynn78

    SHE LOOKS SMOKIN HOTT!!! Fuckin whoever wrote this article is a complete moron

  • Fandaanx

    I would crawl across 10miles of broken glass and dog shit just to smell her fart.....HOOOOOT

  • Starlynn78

    Lmao ..nice

  • Kinsley Benem

    She's DAMN HOT like this

  • the_dude

    She is perfect

  • Wildasthewind82

    I agree with the_dude. I'd also like to point out that by today's fashion standards Marilyn Monroe would be considered PLUS SIZE. I dare any one to argue that she IS the epitome of sex appeal and the idol of woman with curves.

  • Farshid

    I think she looks better than 10 years ago.

  • Fart

    most men would rather have sex with a prebubescient boy swimmer, the lines are straighter

  • guest1

    oh my god she doesn't way under 110 lbs?!! clearly she's fat and unattractive! (God i hate this culture sometimes)

  • Hoilh

    I would still destroy her

  • Tami

    she looks hot to me!!!!!

  • Chay Parnell

    I think she looks even hotter than she did b4.. she always looked like she needed a good meal inside her...she is much better here...xx

  • Kjalskdjf

    shit, i'd still tap dat

  • Jen

    Whoever posted this must be blind; Christina Aguilera looks amazing in that dress.

  • Nediam777nori

    Nothing wrong with curves, but dress appropriately!

  • Simon

    I'd still hit it.

  • anarkee

    She finally is a voluptuous babe instead of looking like a prepubescent boy. Granted, she could be wearing a different dress, but she has every right to wear her birthday suit loud and proud!! Not to mention... how many of YOU (those commenting -- especially the negative comments) have model type bodies? Hmmm??

  • Umhaywa2

    Sexy as hell! Yummy!

  • Boobface

    i think she's way hotter now :D

  • Sam

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! SHE LOOKS FINE! stop being such a douche for fucks sake

  • Hollistermist

    WTF is wrong with people leave her alone! its people like this that are making girls think they have to be a size 0 to fit in. My cousin who is 6 and i repeat 6 said she had to stop eating so much because she doesnt want to look FAT WTF is going on?!

  • Msfenton

    Your obsession is ridiculous. She looks better than 99.8% of womankind and 100% of mankind. And sings better, too.

  • Leela3011

    It wouldn't be so bad if she wore a dress that fit her! Whoever her stylist is needs to get her out of the sample sizes and back to reality. That dress does nothing for her what-so-ever!

  • Mglitz55

    She looks fine. I think she is still rockin'

  • Rosa

    ALL Hispanic women get fat after the age of 25. They look great when they are young though.

  • Nfeds

    Excuse me, but wtf? Where did you get that from? O_0
    Because Sofia Vergara has an amazing body and I'm pretty sure she's older than 30 and Hispanic...

  • Thomajaindahouse

    I would hit it lit the fist of an angry god, but then again, I'm black and have a really big penis.

  • Gdrive

    I like her body now as much as when she did dirty. I have range but I have limits. Not so much after 15 more lbs

  • Morgan

    Xtina looks mighty hot to me. She has the curves and she ought to flaunt them. To be honest, that dress makes her look like hot raw sex, and all woman.

  • zbone

    I agree. Shame on anyone who thinks you have to be thin to be sexy.

  • Blueflie

    50lbs of potatoes in a 10lb bag........

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