Candy Spelling won $90k

Candy Spelling can finally afford that gold-plated gold plating machine -- she hit a $90k jackpot on the slots earlier this month in Las Vegas. You bitch. From TMZ:
Sources connected with the Bellagio in Las Vegas tell TMZ ... Candy and some of her girlfriends were at the hotel 2 weeks ago when Candy started playing the high limit slots -- where the machines cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a spin. We don't know how many false starts she had, but in the end, Candy hit it big to the tune of 90 grand!!!!!!!!

Here's the thing -- it's not even Candy's biggest slot machine victory ... or 2nd biggest. Back in 2007, she pulled her way to a $200k payday ... and in 2008, she won a cool $180k.
Winning $90K is a huge deal, but not when you're playing slots that cost as much as $1,000 a spin. That'd be like winning less than $25 on a quarter machine. Sure, we can all be jealous that "the rich are getting richer," but this story doesn't say how much she lost before she won. If Candy blew hundreds of thousands just to make $90K, she'd be in the hole just like Lindsay Lohan.

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  • Melissa

    SHe is a disgusting human being

  • jcsitecomments

    Winning $90000 at $1000 a pull is not really any different than winning $9 at $1 a pull. But one has to wonder, how much did she spend to win $90000?

  • woodmember

    Dude, I get what you're saying, but you really need to work on your math skills.

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