Brody Jenner arriving at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday night

Avril Lavigne got her boyfriend Brody Jenner's ass kicked on Sunday morning. After starting a fight -- as annoying drunk chicks tend to do -- with another group of revelers at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Avril left Brody to take care of business. And by "take care of business" I mean someone smashed a bottle over his head. From TMZ:
According to our sources, Avril got into a dust-up shortly before 1:00 AM at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with [an unknown girl]. We're told when Brody tried to intervene ... he took a bottle to the head from someone for his troubles.

Law enforcement sources tell us hotel security broke up the fight and detained Brody and others involved. Police were called to the hotel and when all was said and done ... we're told the police report listed Brody as the victim of an assault with a deadly weapon.

Our sources say Brody was the only one involved who spoke to police -- the other combatants (including Avril) had split by the time they arrived. We're told Brody refused medical attention and went to the hospital on his own.
Is it fair to say that Avril Lavigne is finished? I mean, come on. When was the last time anyone said "I can't wait until the new Avril album drops." Now things have gotten so bad that she's dating the help and staging fake fights. Speaking of fake, we at Celebslam wish Brody Kardashian a speedy recovery. I have no doubt that he'll be back on his feet doing absolutely nothing again in no time. Oh, and as for the "unknown girl," the check is in the mail.

UPDATE: Apparently it was a guy that hit Brody, not a girl. OK that makes sense, as most chicks in Hollywood are already drugged an unconscious by that time of the night:
The guy who hit Brody Jenner with a beer bottle Sunday morning was talking a LOT of trash before things got violent ... even calling BJ a "douche" ... this according to a witness. Brody DID jaw back at the drunk guy ... but we're told BJ did NOT strike first. Sources say ... when the guy hit Brody with the bottle, his friends rushed in and attacked both BJ and Avril, who happened to be standing next Brody at the time.
These guys were probably just distraught over Kim's divorce. It's not Brody's fault. Dammit, there's nothing he could have done about it.

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