In case you missed it last night (read my post here about it), Ashton Kutcher came to the defense of Penn State's embattled former head coach Joe Paterno, tweeting:


Of course [after his publicist called him] he deleted the tweet about an hour later and then did some major backpedaling, tweeting things like:

11-9-2011 9-54-13 PM.jpg

11-9-2011 9-53-56 PM.jpg

So Ashton Kutcher -- who has 8 million+ twitter followers and spends a good portion of every day on the internet -- didn't know the details behind the Penn State scandal and Joe Paterno's firing (the BIGGEST and ONLY story that's being talked about on the internet the past few days) -- he thought it was a "football thing." Yes Ashton, Joe Paterno was fired because his offense just hasn't been scoring enough points this season. You're either incredibly dense, or a really bad liar. I'm going with both.