There are a surprising number of gay Ashton Kutcher pictures on Google Image Search

In response to all the heat he's getting about sticking up for child rape enabler Joe Paterno (who, mind you, knew his defensive coordinator had sex with a young boy in the locker room shower and didn't call the police), Ashton Kutcher posted a lengthy ramble on his blog today that can essentially be summed up as "I'm gonna start running my tweets by my publicist to make sure my dumb ass doesn't fuck up again in the future." A snippet:
Last night after returning home from work, I walked by the television and simply saw a headline that Joe Paterno had been fired. Having no more information than that, I assumed that he had been fired due to poor performance as an aging coach. As a football fan and someone who had watched Joe's career move from that of legend/innovator to a head coach that fulfilled his duty in the booth, I assumed that the university had let him go due to football related issues.
Stop it. Stop lying, you asshole. Ashton's probably the most wired celebrity out there and he really wants us to believe he had no fucking clue what's been going on at Penn State the past few days? What's he want us to believe, that he's been out of touch since Monday, holed up in some random hotel, fucking a blonde chick from USC he just met? Wait a minute . . .