Ashton Kutcher leaving Coffee Bean in Studio City (10/11)

Waaaaaah, Waaaaaah, I cheated on my leathery old wife with a hot piece of ass and now I can't stop crying about it. Ashton Kutcher needs to punch himself in the balls. From Mike Walker at the National Enquirer:
Weird science on the "Two and a Half Men" set during a birthday bash for one of the show's directors: Ashton Kutcher huddled off in a corner with co-star Jon Cryer, bawling his eyes out - and NOT about sinking ratings! Said my on-set source: "They were in a really heavy discussion - Ashton was pouring his hear out to Jon, whose first marriage ended in divorce - and at one point, Ashton was wiping his eyes on his shirt." Cryer had advised Charlie Sheen, when he was caught cheating, to "get help...and don't do it again," said the source. "Now Jon's hoping Ashton will take his advice and get his life together - unlike Sheen, who ignored him." (Print Edition - November 14)
If Jon Cryer was the one giving Charlie Sheen advice during his meltdown, he's probably not the best person to go to when you're having problems. Besides, what could that wimpy little twerp teach Ashton about women? How to get laid with pity? No, Ashton just needs to man up and move on with his life. And the best way to do that is with plenty of hookers and blow -- just like Charlie did . . . hmmm, maybe Jon gives pretty good advice after all.

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