Adriana Lima leaving a plastic surgeon's office in New York (11/11)

Adriana Lima was spotted leaving the offices of a plastic surgeon last week, which of course raises a host of questions: Is she getting some work done? A boob job? A nose job? A facelift? Calf implants? Does she get a discount because she's famous? Did kids tease her when she was younger and call her Adriana Lima Beans? Has she gone under the knife before? Did her husband pressure her into getting work done? Do her farts smell? Does she have insecurities like "normal" women that she thinks surgery will help? Is she too young for botox? Why is my cock so huge?

Maybe. No. No. No. No Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Genetics.

*6 Adriana Lima pictures total in the gallery:

  • Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery 1
  • Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery 2
  • Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery 3
  • Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery 4
  • Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery 5

[Pacific Coast News]
  • Paulo

    maybe she is getting that surgery to become a virgin again, she had a baby and maybe is not tight anymore.

  • Mary198

    She is a pretty photo http://www.hairstyles-celebrit...

  • Rat Race

    Based on her outfit, it appears as though she welcomes the attention, oddly enough, most 'celebrities' practically live in plastic surgeon's offices any the paparazzi 'mysteriously' misses the majority of those shots.

    Is there a code of 'ethics' or legality when it comes to crossing unwelcome boundaries taking pics if the celeb doesn't give the OK when it comes to plastic surgeon's offices or doctors offic visits, and this particular time rat face lima gave the OK - based on her outfit she seemed ready for her close up.

  • Realist

    What do you expect from a bimbo?

  • Guest25

    She had a boob job years ago, maybe she is going to get a revision or something.

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