Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Sherman Oaks (10/3)

Late last year, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens split up. OMG, I was SO sad! Vanessa sort of let herself go after the break-up -- gaining 15 pounds -- but c'mon bitch, this is Hollywood. No fatties allowed! From the National Enquirer:
Vanessa Hudgens puts the blame for porking up 15 pounds on her painful breakup with "High School Musical" co-star/loverboy Zac Efron - and producers of her new flick "The Frozen Ground" have hired a personal trainer to whip her into shape fast for an October startup. Vanessa - who'll play a teenage victim who teams up with State Trooper Nicolas Cage to catch serial predator John Cusack - just "let herself go" after her hot romance with Zac went cold, said a pal. "She wasn't working out, and was eating tons of junk food!" Vanessa's fitness guru workers her hard seven days a week, she's on a restricted calorie diet, and she's lost about eight pounds already. (Print Edition - 10/17)
Let this be a cautionary tale to all the hot girls out there that have been dumped by their boyfriends. The answer to getting over that break-up is not to eat until you're unattractive. It's to bang as many dudes as you can until you feel attractive again. It's a little something called "respect" ladies -- and I suggest you find some inside a guy's pants. Of course, if you're not hot, I suggest you continue doing what your doing and look for that respect at the bottom of a Häagen-Dazs carton.

*11 Vanessa Hudgens pictures total in the gallery:

  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 1
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 2
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 3
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 4
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 5
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 6
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 7
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 8
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 9
  • Vanessa Hudgens Weight Excuse 10

  • missusdifficulty

    Seeing her legs' cellulite was gross. But in some of the pictures, it's actually nice how curvy she is. Kind of like how Christina Aguilera was in Burlesque.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great!

  • HonestHarry

    She is too skinny in these pics. She needs 15 lbs added. Who wants a 12 year old's body? Only a closet sicko, that's who! I like to see some womanly curves!

  • Uncle Igmar

    "Porked up" 15 pounds?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'd love to see the fat ass who wrote this - the chick is still hot - 15 pounds up or not.

  • Eric Jacobson

    And we should care why? Who gives a crap about this talentless Disney tart? If you do, you really need to rethink your life priorities...

  • top10buzz

    15 pounds Now she is looking very hot & sexy

    so pretty and beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Still hot.

  • *_* hhaaanndddssooommeee *_*

    It's not fail.

  • anonymous

    by the size of those thunder-thighs on her 3-foot frame, i think vanessa is going to fail is she wants to be thin by her October start up.

    you know considering it's already the middle of October.

  • celebuzz wtf

    Really Celebuzz? Really? Your comments are disgusting, I can't help but think a 12-year-old little brat wrote this.

    Either way, this b*tch always looks good.

    And ladies, if a man dumps you, upgrade, don't open your legs to any loser, just get an upgrade.

  • master yoda

    Yeah, but how can you do that without opening your legs?

  • Kris

    She can gain 10 more and be even sexier!

  • A Sandcrab

    Go to any mall in the SW part of the country and you can see hundreds of young women that look just like her, or look even better. She is so ordinary looking. Vanessa need to go back to school and learn a trade, like maybe hairdresser or maybe librarian.

  • master yoda

    Enjoy her now. In five years it will be Vanessa who??

    She's too old for Disney TV and the "High School Musical" stuff. If she has to compete with 20 somethings legit actors, she's sunk.

    Maybe a few R-rated topless flicks, then alcohol fueled meltdowns into obscurity.

  • The Oracal

    Your predictions have an extremely high proabaility of coming true.

  • emm

    umm... she gained weight for a movie. Wow you guys are dumb. And even at her heavist i doubt she was past a size 4.

  • Hawk

    I'm surprised Buffy isn't here saying Vanessa needs to lose another 50 pounds!

  • STD

    Become a friend of Rosie, join her sex club and she will soon have that weight off you.

  • jared

    15 pounds or not, she's still hot!

    Capresso Coffee Maker - Capresso MT500

  • Anonymous

    Damn get skinny better for womens exactly sexy not be fat.

  • Attractive man

    Any fat woman Not be sexy t(rust me

  • Attractive man

    Any fat woman Not be sexy t(rust me

  • Attractive man

    Any fat woman Not be sexy

  • *_* hhaaanndddssooommeee *_*

    15 pounds? Why? But outfit looks sexy and her body hot.

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