Vanessa Hudgens is definitely possibly pregnant

Vanessa Hudgens might be pregnant. She was seen leaving a yoga class in West Hollywood on Tuesday sporting a noticeably bulging stomach. Early speculation is that the father may be someone who likes little pieces of ass.

In related news, it must be awesome being famous and having assholes like me start pregnancy rumors because you've gained two pounds. I'm a winner!

*10 Vanessa Hudgens pictures total in the gallery:

  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 1
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 2
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 3
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 4
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 5
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 6
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 7
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 8
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 9
  • Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump 10

[Pacific Coast News]
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  • bjhb

    who the fucj´k writes this stuff? hey dude you`re retarded.

  • anonymous

    yeah she needs to quit choosing roles that make her gain weight because she gains it all on her belly.

    that kind of fat isn't easy to get rid of once it starts.

  • STD

    She has turned into a chunkster.

  • No she hasn't

  • SaucyBastard

    DrunkenStepfather has been calling her Vanessa "Pudgens" for weeks.

  • That's just rude

  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeeeee

    I don't think she pregnant but she gitteng fat.

  • How rude and judgmental about fatness & pregnancy

  • how rude

  • and disrespectful

  • Lee

    I'm pretty sure she had to gain weight to play the role as a pregnant teenager for that movie she has been filming. I don't actually think she's pregnant, just has some belly fat right now.

  • How rude & people can find away to fake pregnancy in movies & i dnt think they would do that in real life

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