Tobey Maguire at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia (9/3)

I have no problem if you're an animal rights activist, just please don't act like a little bitch when the seats in your Mercedes loaner aren't made of hemp. It's a Mercedes, you idiot. Of course the seats are going to be made of leather. From the Sydney Daily Telegraph:
NOT happy with the complimentary new Mercedes he was given for personal use during his stay in Australia, actor Tobey Maguire has sent his luxury car back after taking issue with the use of leather in the car's plush upholstery.

Maguire apparently has embraced a "no-leather" policy in his personal life and was upset at being handed the keys to a vehicle fitted out in ultra-soft animal skin for the duration of his Sydney stay. And so Bazmark Films, the makers of The Great Gatsby in which Maguire plays Nick Carraway, took the car back and sent it off to the dealer to have the upholstery replaced with vinyl.
This is why everyone hates celebrities. This guy is so self-righteous that he just couldn't accept the free Mercedes he was being offered without somehow finding fault in it. Listen Tobey, if you're so concerned about helping animals, why don't you do something more proactive about it. Yes I mean retire. Every time I see one of your dumb movies, I do something terrible to an animal. How many more kittens must I punch Tobey? HOW MANY MORE?

*10 Tobey Maguire pictures total in the gallery:

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[Pacific Coast News]
  • EdWin

    You rock, Tobey! You all complain too much. Let the man do what he wants and worry about your own pathetic lives.

  • Animal Lover

    Go Tobey!
    I'm not going to tell anyone else that they shouldn't eat meat, but I'm not going to sit on leather seats either. Each to their own. We all make informed choices, so let's just leave it at that. :)

  • Wow... so the guy doesn't want to sit on animal skin.
    So what? Neither do I. I just prefer the feel of cloth.

    The leather was not "ripped" off the seats. They are bolted to the floor by no more than 4 bolts each. Find another car with cloth or plastic upholstery and swap them. 5~10 minute job, and everyone's happy. The leather seats were not "wasted", they were used in another car.

    Sheesh... get a life people.

  • celebrities should be a role this case Tobey just used his celebrity status to inform us that killing animal for their skin is no good in effect cruel...

  • Artie

    You do understand he was fired from Spiderman because he is an arrogant sob and people refuse to work with him

  • Fuckyou

    Leather seats are retarded and pointless anyhow.

  • Chase_sm

    Oh! Vinyl is MUCH better for the environment than leather from an already dead animal. I wonder it he had them put a vinyl saddle on his horse while filming Broke Back Mountain?

  • Chase_sm

    No leather but he wears Nike athletic shorts that we're made by a 10 yr old girl who gets paid $2 per month and works 60 hrs per week.
    Toby, get real! FYI, I killed every spider I've seen so far this year!

  • Danny

    This is what you get when you give some pimply faced, holier than thou, unappreciable, looser kid millions of dollars like this guy. Suddenly, he has become God and you must bow when he walks by. Get over yourself turd face, you are only in your position because the execs at a studio handed you the Spiderman gig. You are not as special as you have led yourself to believe. And grow up, Did your Mommy not let you have a kitty cat as a kid?


    Thank for your great post!

  • Alo Burgundy

    Who needs leather? I'm sure he doesn't own any leather. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find leather alternatives. I'm impressed that he stood up for his principles.

  • Anonymous

    People have no clue. New formulation of gasoline, motor oil, high temperature grease used to make that car run? Tested on animals to ensure it won't be dermally carcinogenic or caustic to those that might come into contact with it. And exactly what do these people think the plastics and vinly in that automobile, or clothing, or glasses are made from? Aforementioned pertolium products. Glasses.... if you wear contacts do you think someone just whipped-up the solution in a lab and it went to the shelves the next day? When your two kids need vacinnes or are crying from that ear infection Tobey, do your morals bend a little as you drive that car to the pharmacy to pick-up pharmaceuticals that were tested over multiple non-clinical trials on animals? Checked Wikipedia & saw a pic of your wife wearing make-up, and as an actor I'd assume you've done your fair share of time in a make-up chair... and spare me the never tested on animals crap... if the current product hasn't been tested it's because the components have been somewhere down the line. Lawn service done on your nice home? Wash your clothes on something besides a rock and with lye soap? Wake the hell up. While I respect your desire to make a change, be a vegan, don't wear leather...... unless you're living a 19th century lifestyle your entire life revolves around a world of technology and convenience that's come in part at the sacrifice of animal's lives.

  • Anse1-hack

    he guys? whats ya problem?
    isnt it very cool to save animals?
    i kill them every day and i should feel ashamed ass hell LIKE YOU ALL SHOULD FEEL
    and if it's just a little, or much too much... whats wrong with saving lives?
    if some of these american firefighters runs into a house and save 3 or four children he is the hero of the nation (for one or two weeks...) cause he saved 3 or 4 lives. if a person saves lives EVERY F*CKIN' DAY since jears cause of stop eating meat and not using leatherproducts and shit, noone is interested in it. but if he wants to be heared, everyone hates him?
    What a F*uckin' world we are living in?

  • bullshit

    what a douchbag. my first thought.

  • RichieRich

    Jeeze man... jealous much? What your so twisted up and obsessed with FN money, yet you can't seem to wrap your tiny head around what money actually does to most people? Money does NOT make you happy son, in fact, it opens up a shitload of little douchebag problems like you see here... it's not just Tobey either Chief, it's everyone that worships the ol' mighty dollar, like you... If your a miserable little whiney asshole without money, chances are you'll be a miserable little piece of shit with money. I come from a family with money and out of all of them maybe 2 are loving caring people who you would never know have money. Money and Religion... the roots of all evil right there man .... get over it, put it out of your mind and enjoy life.

  • zerp

    Go Toby. Stand up for your beliefs.

  • Jacobim Mugatu

    Author of this article is the real douche. Lets berate people who don't have the same values as I do!

  • Oz

    Stupid commentary. He has the right to refuse it and defend his beliefs. Have a life man!

  • Jim

    You know, I have know plenty of Veggies. Add to that my sister became one several years ago. I have yet to meet one who is not a total douche. they are just like the pretentious people they portrayed on South Park who love to smell their own "smells"! Not too mention what a pain they are to go to dinner with. I have walked out on Veggies before as they are SOOO difficult. Can't stand them. Pretentious douches...

  • Cara1994

    Wow. I can't believe such a stupid article exists. This is why I don't frequent celebrity gossip websites. All you haters, you're just jealous because Tony Macguire is famous enough to get offered a Mercedes. He doesn't even give a shit what you say, or this article says.

  • Crazyboyjman

    Pretty positive that Tobey has said in the past that he is vegan. I don't think it would be very vegan of him to own a car with leather seats. A lot of people who choose the vegan lifestyle are very against using or eating anything that involves animals. Does being vegan make you better than everyone else? No. Does it make you live your life with more rules? Yes. It Tobey a douchebag? We really shouldn't try and judge him since we don't know him personally.

  • Addlepass

    You wouldn't be too good on a jury, would you? We always judge people that we don't know personally. Every single day. We judge whether we like this person. We judge whether that guy is talking too loud. We judge whether someone is tall, short, smart, silly, pretty, ugly, etc. The next time you are walking down a lonely street at 3 am and you pass three teenagers, I'll bet that you judge them from the moment you see them.

  • let BIGONEs be

    its his prerogative. let him lead by example.

  • Jim

    What an ass...I just tossed out all my Spiderman DVD's

  • Me

    I don't see a problem with it. He's standing up for his principles. There was probably a more diplomatic way of dealing with it and I don't have the whole story so I can't speak for his douche-baggery but as far as I see it it's like refusing a blood diamond engagement ring in exchange for a certified diamond. He doesn't want any blood on his hands - including animal blood. Not everyone agrees but if he feels that strongly about the matter, who are we to judge?

  • MarkyMarkSurrey

    Good for Mr McGuire. It seems many people on here wouldn’t stand up for their principles as they’re too afraid of being ridiculed. Well if we all acted weak like you lot we would be speaking German and eating Nazi jack boot. How dare you criticize a man for standing up for his beliefs, Mercedes are not particularly wonderful cars anyway unreliable drink petrol, favoured by morons like Jeremy Clarkson and mainly brain dead people who like bright shiny things. I also notice that you spineless people don’t even have the balls to sign a alias, you just post anonymous. Don’t you people feel ashamed that you’re so weak and scared, pathetic?

  • Stephen Campbell

    Fair play to hinm - standing up for what he believes in.

  • Nunyabizzquik

    I don't think thats douchey.
    He's a man who sticks to his guns. Whats wrong with that?

  • ash roberts

    because he asked them to change a car he is not keeping.
    just say screw it and buy your own car..douche

  • Goonies Astoria

    Yeah, he was offered a free car, a luxury car, whiny bitch, sent it back to have the leather ripped out and replaced with vinyl...same point so many are making. I say, send it back and bring the little douche a fucking YUGO with cheap fabric seats...but, that would probably be mean to cotton plants or something. Instead of having them do so much work JUST FOR HIM, just bring him a car that doesn't already have leather seats. Also, the cows got eaten, and not everyone is veg, not everyone is GOING to go veg, so some people really need to get the hell over themselves. I'm veg, but I understand other people's choices, and concede that. They use the rest of the cow in other ways, kinda like my Native American ancestors...use the whole thing, waste to have the leather ripped out is what is known as WASTE, and Tobey should be ashamed of his douchey self!


    Dylan im gonna wear a car with your skin in it

  • frumpy stool

    I fuckin HATE it when I get free cars and they are filled with dead animal skin or operate on renewable sources! I want oil based Vinyl in my free cars and Fuck-N-A I want 4 miles to the gallon so I can feel like a real man filling my tank with 91 octane every 100 miles and hopefully bring the planet to a fireball halt.

    If you are reading this, please go into the other room and stab yourself with anything as you need a life. Or you're at work and in this case, reply.

  • LouRawls

    So he doesn't like leather. They are just going to swap out the seats with a synthetic fabric. They wont throw the leather ones out. So he has some principals.. BFD. sounds like the author needs to get over his own douchie-judgementalness

  • timtedtomtod

    I've got no problem with leather, but he did the right thing if thats how he feels and since he is in a position where he can turn down a mercedes to prove a point why shouldn't he? He didn't ask mercedes to stop using leather, he just wasn't going to accept or use something that doesn't mesh with his personal beliefs. You're tearing him down for bucking the normal we-your-pants excitement over luxury...what a dumb article.

  • A.Lee

    I know that this makes really no difference, I mean, the animal is already dead and everything, but the the importance of the matter is to not support it. If you treat people differently based on religion, why is this any different

  • Annonymous

    Don't see why everyone is harping on the guy for standing up for what he believes in. If he does have something leather then he's a hypocrite just like the rest of us. Not one person can tell me they're not a hypocrite, I'll bet you on that for sure.

  • Cinecircus

    No one in their right mind gives leather to a vegetarian. And it perplexes me in a time when no one means what they say that you idiots here would find fault with a celebrity who actually lives what he preaches. I say bravo to Tobey.

  • Iamlazaruz

    well its good to know that people really care about animals. heck there are some people out there hugging trees, and others crazy about the ozone layer and the planet , now if we could just get people to care a little bit about human lives, now that would be news.

  • Guest

    The only way any of the people s***ing on Tobey would turn down a luxury car would be if it was powered by the soul of an orphan or made out of bones of sweatshop workers.

    He could have accepted it gratefully and sent it to get reupholstered a few days later before driving it.

    He didn't have to be an ungrateful bitch about it.

    He's so principled that he made them change the upholstery.

    Did you notice how he wasn't so principled that he just refused to accept the car?

    Oh no, Tobey wanted his awesome car. He just had to throw a shitfit over upholstery.

  • Isabelle

    You people are so god damn stupid it makes me sick, oh he was offered a free car he should take it and and not act like a douche.

    The whole thing is a marketing scheme anyway so what difference does it make? They aren't offering him a free car to be kind, if that was the reason they'd hand them out on the street. They're giving it to him, a celebrity, so that more people will buy the car to make more money. There were no innocent intentions in this story, but at least he has enough of a conscience to not want to sit on a dead animal. I wouldn't either. And he hasn't hurt anyone's feelings or been ungrateful in any way because the whole purpose of the gift was to make more money.

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