Stacy Keibler and George Clooney at a gala screening of The Descendants at The BFI London Film Festival in England (10/20)

Note to Stacy Keibler: enjoy your time with George Clooney now because, surprise surprise, there is no chance of anything more serious developing. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Once again George Clooney has found an attractive woman to include in his life, but no one close to the Oscar winner thinks Stacy Keibler has a better chance of changing Clooney’s mind about marriage than did anyone else he’s dated in recent years.

"She’ll be around for awhile, and then he’ll move on but stay friends with her — like he always does," said a close Clooney observer, who was with him in New York earlier this week for the premiere of The Descendants.
So again George is going to get close with a hot chick and have mind-blowing sex with her, but not close enough to developing any sort of meaningful spiritual connection. What a terrible, unfulfilling life to live. Um, you want to switch?

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  • Dee

    I love George. He's smart, great actor, good looking, but he's a ManWhore. If this were a woman, dating younger men for a short period of time, then moving on to their next victim, ppl would be calling her a Tramp, Whore, Cougar or whatever the choice of words are these days. Demi was dumped on by the public for marrying Ashton, but w/Geoge, he can't do no wrong! Yet he uses them like toilet paper. He wipes his butt w/them, flushes them and buys new rolls, w/the cycle starting all over again. I feel it's disgusting how he uses women for self gratification and no one thinks anything of it, except for, "George, George, he's our man!" "Smartest Man Alive!" Nonsense!! Typical, the Hypocracy in today's Society.

  • JMVickers

    I could totally go for mind-blowing, no strings attached sex with George Clooney! I mean, when Stacey's time runs out just have his people get with my people.

  • Gotcha

    It's like fucking your dad -_-

  • Ventriloguest

    Wilt Chamberlain said that he would have rathed had one woman that he loved than 20000 he didn't love.
    George should look up to(literally, because he's short) Chris Hemsworth. He's under 30, married, just had his first child with his beautiful wife, and seemed very humble, down to earth guy on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • Glenn Davey

    Yeh ... pretty clever.

  • Theprotege1

    I met Stacey a few years back. She was so very nice, good for her landing Clooney....

  • Of course he won't marry. He's gay.

  • like your mom!

  • You poor thing, you have no friends so you feel you must bully people on a computer blog. I feel so sorry for you. So changing your name, and IP add so you can come back to the blog and call people names, put them down, just so you feel like the big bad powerer blogger! You have been banned before, and you keep up your cyber bully ways will get you banned again! You call everyone a troll, but you make every effort to find the people you like to bully through the Disqus sites to make ignorant comments by calling them names or putting them down. Pathetic........really do feel very sorry for you!

  • If only her breasts could talk, the stories they could tell.

  • Fact: George Clooney is bisexual and has no interest in getting married. Keibler is a "beard." End of story.

  • To be a fact, he would need to say it OR you had to be there.

  • lt

    Clooney has been married in the distant past.

  • Urgo2guy

    Where is the ring?

  • Libox9

    An older shorter man is never a keeper. Just saying.

  • Libox9

    Stacey looks better without him in shot, thats the bottom line

  • Libox9

    One criticism of Stacey though....That dress is meant for girls who need to make their legs seem longer, the middle very high.. If you actually have the best, longest legs in the world, its doing nothing for you, you should have gone with something else. Show the world where your waist is, noone will look better.

  • Libox9

    Im a man, but they way Keibler is seen as some sort of accessory here is quite frankly incorrect. She is doing what she wants at a moment in time. She is out of his league as she looks down on him in almost every shot. She is working him, not the other way around.

  • Libox9

    I dont understand the direction of the article. Who says Stacey Keibler wants that bloke as a husband? She is tbh in a different league. Maybe she is just taking life a day at a time.

  • A meaningful spiritual relationship has nothing to do with marriage. Marriage is just a piece of paper. Not everyone should be married and I suspect he is one of those people.
    There is also nothing wrong with choosing to be single for life. There is more to life than being tied legally to another person.

  • Frenybraganza

    absolutely agree ....!!!

  • I think most of the women Clooney has dated know that it's a short term thing. They get to live the high life as a professional girlfriend for a couple of years. Not every woman is looking to get married. George doesn't set off my gaydar, but I've heard he's a heavy drinker.

  • Ytt

    Stacy should dump the useless playboy

  • Warchild

    The institute of marriage is a quicksand trap. Clooney is brillant for doing what he is doing.When these women change and women always do, show them the door.



  • KirbBrimstone

    He's gay. Everyone knows it but this is the act he must put on to work.

  • Slartibartfaast


  • Rickycareway

    i beleive she's with him to boost her career' i just can't beleive america thinks he's the best looking guy in america' him and brad pitt are old new's they are looking really old' there are to many good looking people out there

  • Pat Riarchy

    Smartest man alive. I agree. If he married one of them he would have to pay her millions when she pulls the pin. This way he gets a gorgeous female who bonks him with abandon trying to get his money but he's wise to that. So after the 2 years he trades her in for a better one who bonks her heart out trying to get his money. Perfect. Nicole Kidman took Tom Cruise for 267 million. He wised up after that. Holmes will get 54 million if they ever separate. Why pay for them when you can get them for free and have a new model every 2 years.

  • sherman lane

    why buy the cow,when you get the milk free.

  • Dhammack1

    Good for him. He won't have to worry about some woman getting half of everything he owns, of which she had no part in acquiring.

  • Karl Miller

    reads like the writer is jealous of Stacy Kiebler

  • Jay

    No reason to get married. No reason to buy the cow. Ask Paul McCartney how it worked out with old one-leg beeotch.

  • Sue

    He's probably gay, but his agents don't want it known, (would ruin his fan base.)

  • Sally

    Hold on.....Ricky Martin (who is excellent to look at and seems to be a pretty nice guy from what I have seen and read about him, gay or not) was asked if he was gay or straight and would never give a a yes or no answer. He would venture off into other subjects, reasons why it shouldn't matter, etc. George,on thr other hand, has been vocal about not wanting to marry again. Why women feel like they will be different and he will want to marry them, are fooling themselves. Enjoy your time with him, and move on when you feel like you are worth more than being arm candy.

  • Jimreling

    He would be lucky to have her she is out of this world beautful

  • Tigger go and get her, if George is going 2 split with a ring and baby!? She desires it Tigger! Go get her Tigger, grrrr!

  • ThinkHard

    1. Calling him gay is just a reflex from guys whose wives have their testicles in their purses.
    2. It's ridiculously smart to avoid the threat of paying later for p*ssy previously used and children living with said p*ssy.
    3. He has plenty of mileage left - again, the disgruntled commentary more than likely from people who didn't take care of their bodies.

    Overall - lots of rough remarks in here about a guy who is living the dream for attractive, athletic, successful alpha males...whinging about what you didn't accomplish and attempting to ridicule it in others just proves how awesome his lifestyle is.

  • Ben Ross

    Stacy is the Queen of Georges life and maybe of Hollywood?! She looks like Grace Kelly to me with that same Beauty? I just love looking at her smile! She melts me into something that makes me feel young again!

  • olivia bowers

    She might be this or that but she is beautiful.

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