Sofia Vergara bikini pics!

Sofia Vergara has been tweeting a ton of pics from her vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico this week, including a few of her in a bikini (here, here, and here). I'm not even sure this would be legal, but she should run for President. C'mon, Sofia versus Barack Obama? It wouldn't even be close -- her boobs are way nicer.

*11 Sofia Vergara pictures total in the gallery:

  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 1
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 2
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 3
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 4
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 5
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 6
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 7
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 8
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 9
  • Sofia Vergara Palmilla 10

  • TZZ

    With Obama, got get Michelle, and Michelle is a expert on diet and nutrition, as well as being internationally known for her sense of high fashion and is considered a expert on style. I think M has Sofia beat hands down.

  • Possum

    That little gal sure can make a bikini look good.

  • Peter

    I hope she isn't kidnapped or something. Mexico isn't the safest place in the world these days.

  • ..{ Attractive man}..

    Bring me she

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    What bring ice cream.

  • WTF

    Very hot, but also very overexposed.

  • Anonymous

    Is she consulting with the drug cartels? If not, when will she be kidnapped and beheaded?

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    I want walk with her.

  • Hawk


  • Falcon

    Yea, but with Obama comes Michelle.

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