Christina Aguilera looks like hell

A host of stars turned out for the "Michael Forever" Michael Jackson tribute concert Saturday in Cardiff, Wales. In addition to sets from Jamie Foxx, Cee Lo, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Alien Ant Farm, and Ne-Yo, Snooki also performed (above). It was really cool of her to show up, especially since she was born five years after Jackson's most popular album was released (Thriller in 1982). She must have been a huge fan of his to travel so far in his honor. Also, there was free pizza backstage.

*10 Christina Aguilera/Snooki pictures total in the gallery:

  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 1
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 2
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 3
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 4
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 5
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 6
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 7
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 8
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 9
  • Snooki Christina Aguilera 10
  • weasel

    Funny I thought of Sally Struthers not Snooki when I saw these pics.

  • Nicster

    Okay, now this is when a celebrity's handlers need to step in. Christina does not look good here. She's a talented woman whose shape is not flattered by the clothing that she's wearing right now. Christina: just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean you have to wear it. There has to be something that you like, is comfortable to perform in, and doesn't make you look like your mirror is broken. I mean, DAMN. How could she look at herself and think that this look did her any favors?

    My mind, she is boggled.

  • S

    Christina Hungry!!!! Need to FEED!!!!! Maybe Britney have deep fried TWINKIE!!! RRRRRAAARRRRRRGH!!!!!!

  • Attractive man

    What is that ???

  • SSH22

    ROFL! Thanks for the good laugh before work.

  • Jessie

    Like some one play in here page.

  • Attractive man


  • monk

    I am not agree with Photoshop bullshit lies where everybody are spectacular spotless beauty and thin (even though are more wretched than all, still pose like a good model for their brainless fans) but that it's a "must-required" moment!! it's terrifies me the real face of a "diva" just a trashy gross skunk - truly stupid but that's Hollywood full of...

  • dave

    extreme fail

  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeee *

    What meaning?

  • Falcon

    Xtina has gained some weight, but she is still curvatious and sexy. Nor do a few pounds detract from her singing. She still sings like a nightengale.

  • Anonymous

    Serious question: Is that Snooki or Christina?

  • pong

    neither. it's roseanne barr.

  • Hawk

    I've never seen fishnets look so sad.

  • ZigZagZoey

    OMG! What is wrong with her? When you gain weight (or bloat), you cover it up, you don't pretend it's not there! This is actually an insult to Snookie, and I am no Snookie fan!

  • *_* hhhaaannndddsssooommmeee *

    Not like hell but Like her fitting with herself.

  • Michael D

    Wow...I honestly thought it was Snooki at first. Christina, time to re-evaluate life and NEVER, EVER wear that again. EVER. ever.

  • Litsa

    I just threw up in my mouth.

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