Selena Gomez out and about in Vancouver (10/14)

Yes, I know there's been some pregnancy rumors, but is it possible Selena Gomez still hasn't given up that ass yet to Justin Bieber? Judging by his spending habits, yes. Via Cele|bitchy:
Someone ought to slip Justin Bieber a copy of The Beatles hit, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Friends are concerned that the teen sensation is burning a hole through his hard-earned fortune in a desperate bid to impress his two-years-older girlfriend, Selena Gomez. According to one friend, the pop star, 17, has already spent a cool million on Selena since they first started dating earlier this year. “Each date is a production, from bodyguards to flowers, private jets to catered meals,” the friend tells In Touch. “Plus, he guys her major gifts. It’s all adding up pretty quickly.”
Newsflash Justin: You're worth millions of dollars. You don't need to show over-the-top affection to get women to like you. You just need to show your ATM receipt. The sad thing is though, by the time Justin's old enough to realize this piece of advice, he'll be a washed-up has-been with no money to impress the ladies anymore. Then he'll be forced to get laid the way all former child stars do: with lies and pity.

*29 Selena Gomez pictures total in the gallery:

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  • ,,

    Leave them alone you Justin Bieber fangirls your just angry because you love him and you want to be with him you relise there are millions of fans of him and you have a 1% chance little bitches

  • vanessa

    justin bieber you is stupis,ashole and all the bad things you least good hahahahaha,and selena is butifull and sing super well haha idiot justin bieber to hate and as left to selena gomez???bastard!!!!:):D:P

  • jc

    OK - all of you people really need to get a life or at least a hobby you guys have too much time on your hands

  • jc

    All of you people REALLY need to get ta life or a hobby seriously

  • me2

    Isnt he gay? Shouldnt someone tell him in case he hasnt figured it out.

  • A4e

    Who is Justin Beiber?

  • EmmasmileyfaceBosch

    ok ok Justin Bieber is an official adult and he can do what ever he wants. Selena can to because its not your choice or your responsibility to tell Selena when to be done with Justin bieber because its her choice ok? so all of you haters out there SHUT THE HECK UP because your comments are kinda rude and really annoying! They get really old and dont be hating because you dont have what they have because they earn all of that stuff from loving fans who actually care about them. Honestly I love Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez always have and always will! SO STOP THE MEAN COMMENTS!!! Im not kidding okay i mean it STOP........

  • j

    fuck you stupid bitch, bet you would give your ass up to to this fag because your just looking for a cock

  • guest

    You talk about not showing hate about these 2 people but yet you show hate in a lot of your comments to other. So before you say anything how about you stop the hate.
    Some of us know and see what is real.
    In one comment you said they're in Love it that is true then why has Selena broke up with him 4 times already.
    If it wasn't because of her mom and step dad she wouldn't be together any more. Enough said!
    Now take your own advice and just stop the hate.

  • hey haters! two words...FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j

    ok another horny bitch... lets start again... attention here skank, we dont give a shit if you're craving a cock in your pussy, i will repeat mrs. justin bieber is a faggot, and even if he wasnt he wouldnt go around looking for you just because your horny, for that please apply at your nearest whore house, so i recommend stop defending the lesbians in the photograph at the top... and sorry that I got it in your eye last night...

  • guest

    Destiny you don't know the truth about Justin as some of us do so why don't you take you little immature comment to us who know the truth and you F OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little child who can wish all she wants to and will never be with Justin.

  • Emmy

    i think this is true beiber is spending too much money on selena but i dont think he is an idiot it's just selena that is useing him too get more fame that poor boy

  • Shawn

    No Justin doesn't need to flash any of his money around. He needs to grow and be mature and only act like a kid once in a while.
    He knows his going to lose Sel and he knew from the beginning that she is out of his league and that's why he lavishes her with expensive gifts just to get into her pants that's all he wants from women.
    He won't want a real relationship until he is a has - been.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is a fucking faggot ,deal with it

  • j

    sir you couldnt have been more correct with that statement...

  • Leengurl4luv

    zotzz16 or whatever your name may be.. dont you have better comments to make or rather opinions of your own to make other than bitching on peoples comment. you should think of how to start making some sense of your own go get a life

  • Icecream Logo

    Yeah right. This 'friend' doesn't even have a name, get a life!

  • Rogerfagen23

    He will be fine.

  • Alohamomma

    What a waste of time story... That was 2 mins of my life I'll never get back.

  • BoogerFree

    But, do we care? Really, do we care?

  • Ches_tr

    She is making bieber fans jealous by dating. He is making Gomez fans jealous and angry by being seen with her. On the other hand who knows how many prisoners would like to tap bieber.

  • Jona_R

    She's a smart gal or he's a dufus experiencing puppy love. Bieber you have shit for brains.

  • William King

    she likes asian dudes. me so solly.

  • Pppugliese

    I do not like Justin bieber or Selena Gomez just one direction but really Justin u and Selena will break up and u will feel so stupid for spending the money :))

  • big 1

    love selena i would put it in her but

  • j

    hell yes, at least not everyone is a fag around here

  • Jamie

    Wow. She is WAY too good for him. She's dating him just because he's famous.

    Honestly, Selena can do SO much better..

  • " Plus, he guys her major gifts". Who writes this stuff, 4 year old girls?

  • Vickiibee

    maybe he wants to buy her gifts.. it's not like he doesn't have the money to do whatever the fuck he wants.. she's a perfectly nice girl who hasn't given anyone a reason to dislike her other than having the means to date the guy you never will. i'm pretty sure she'll get bored of him sooner or later.

  • Rosezack

    You poor misguided fools, Bieber is nothing but a sappy naive icon of underaged boys who want to their virginity to love in a heartbeat. Grow up please :)

  • Guest

    What? Why? Who? Where? When?
    His money, his dick, so everybody shut your jealous pie holes and get a real target to shoot. That means all of you. And don't answer to this post. I put a really bad curse on anyone that answers this post.
    Rahm-a-dahm, Lude-so-frah, may he/she who answers to this post grow a nose like a elephant prick.

  • Not you!

    Nice thinking

  • j

    fuck you... pie holes? OMG i put myself as Guest, please oh please dont answer you will have a curse... cant get any gayer than that bitch ass

  • Darcie

    She's an attention whore. Just saying.
    My little sister's ex-boyfriend bought her gifts all the time, and she didn't break up with him for it. (It was lack of time to see each other; he was gone all the time with his family)

  • Maybe she's smarter than we think she is. If he blows through all his money and winds up broke, She may wind up smarter than him and go home with a well known name and more money than he has.

  • Just another overated somebody with more dollars than sense!

  • Fcmxd

    Ditch, her Justin! Take your money and retire so we can stop hearing about you every damn day.

  • Lots of Selena Gomez haters :P
    That boy has to get married someday; I just wonder what his fans will say to the lady he marries.

    My friend likes Justin's music, but she hates how all his songs are about buying stuff to impress his 'love'.

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