Prince Harry's new flavor of the month, Jessica Donaldson (L)

What, Prince Harry, it wasn't enough for you to slaughter 50,000 of us during the Revolutionary War? Now you have to steal our women, too? SHAME! From the New York Post:
Prince Harry has started dating a Californian cocktail waitress, while he is in the US undertaking military helicopter training, according to a source. The 27-year-old British royal met Jessica Donaldson, a waitress at Andaz Hotel, San Diego, two weeks ago during a night out with his army friends, The Sun reported.
That's Jessica on the left above. Wow that's a, um, cool tattoo. I bet she definitely won't regret it in 10 years.
The 26-year-old brunette, who has a large floral tattoo down one side, partied with the prince in a suite at the hotel and then met him for lunch at a beachside restaurant the next day.

The following weekend, the pair were spotted at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, about 22 miles north of San Diego, kissing and dancing while they drank tequila. "She is full of energy, a bit wild and goes out a lot," the source said. "But she's a funny and genuine girl. It's easy to see why Harry fell for her."
What's Prince Harry doing? He's a prince. He shouldn't be banging one girl -- he should be banging a harem. The reality is that when you're a prince, it's a lot like being a professional athlete. Even if you look like Dennis Rodman, there are still tons of women lining up to sleep with you. No, Harry needs to realize that Southern California bimbos are a lot like condoms at a free clinic: a dime a dozen.

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