Paparazzi photos from Friday, October 14

Taylor Swift launching her new fragrance Wonderstruck at Macy's in New York (pics start here)

Demi Lovato filming an interview with Mario Lopez at The Grove in Hollywood (pics start here)

Rachel Bilson leaving a Thai restaurant in L.A. (pics start here)

Ali Larter shopping in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Olivia Wilde out and about in the West Village of New York (pics start here)

Katy Perry kicking off the UK legs of her California Dreams Tour at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, England (pics start here)

Hayden Christensen leaving Robeks in Los Feliz (pics start here)

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley out and about in London (pics start here)

Jennifer Garner shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart (pics start here)

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig out and about in New York (pics start here)

Selena Gomez out and about in Victoria, Canada (pics start here)

Mark Wahlberg leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills (pics start here)

Irish model Georgia Salpa leaving the Tanning Centre in Dublin, England (pics start here)

Penelope Cruz on the set of Venuti al Mondo in Rome, Italy (pics start here)

*105 paparazzi pictures total in the gallery:

  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 1
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 2
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 3
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 4
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 5
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 6
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 7
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 8
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 9
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 10
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 11
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 12
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 13
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 14
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 15
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 16
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 17
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 18
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 19
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 20
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 21
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 22
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 23
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 24
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 25
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 26
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 27
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 28
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 29
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 30
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 31
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 32
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 33
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 34
  • Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 35
[Flynet, WENN, Pacific Coast News]
  • Major_delmac

    aint shat wrong wit that

  • DavyJ

    John Mayer has already affirmed her "blowing" this is true!!

  • Taylor is a joke

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  • She always has that mouth open look. It's like Zoolander's Blue Steel.

  • Nice pics, she does look like in this way. the red red lips.

  • Dbrockskk

    a ton of makeup on Taylor Swift

  • Anonymous

    Shut Up!She Is Beautiful And Ya'll Are Rude And Bastards!

  • D McKenzie

    And I would TOTALLY use her like one, given the chance!

  • Zero_Kooll

    one id love to own.
    they need to get her to do a flesshlight

  • Agotrin

    oh that stupid Kayne. He made her a star

  • Admin

    A doll's face is more animated.

  • Charles

    I can't understand why people are always so mean to Taylor Swift. I think she is beautiful, sexy and talented. Just because she rather keep her clothes on, rely on her vast singing and show talents, keep her reputation clear and clean, while keeping her clothes on, like any responsible adult should, many want to disrespect her. Taylor has a very nice form and because you perverts can't see every inch of her beautiful body you gripe. From watching her perform she has no lack of assets but is a lady. You should respect her for that.

  • Joker

    Vast singing and show talents? Please. She can't sing. She's terrible live. The only talent she has is in writing her songs, and that she uses to expose her exes in the worst possible way in public. We should definitely give her an award for that and put her on a pedestal. This isn't about needing to see every inch of her to appreciate her - if you think that's necessary then you must be the pervert around here.

  • W Cause

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  • jennifer1112028

    My best Frie'nd ,She just has announced her Wedding with a RICH young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC ! They met via Rich,-------S.u.c.c.e.s.s.f.u.l.m.i.n.g.l.e . ℃ ⊙ M--- is The Largest and Best club for Wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you may meet One ,maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends !
    He is so freaken amazing looking- geez louise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I'm gushing-lol

  • Veteran4twenty

    Kool, no one like her, I'll take her. Anything more than a mouth full is a waste anyway. She's hott, I like her. Good luck in all you do Taylor.

  • Neverminde

    and she's not so sexy!

  • Nervermind

    she's chubby and her legs are alittle bit fat and i want to f=ck her..

  • Bob

    "Dublin, England". Really?

  • Poposhka

    hohahoha Dublin is not even in the UK

  • 11169

    not a single fuck given for her being hot :O

  • Like Taylor's voice.

  • lazy01001

    i'd hit it like the wrath of god!

  • Anonymous

    So childish Leave the girl alone!

  • Smelly

    Ya'll can wait till doomsday, that gal ain't going to ride no bull. She's to citified for all that. She will never be a honky tonk girl.

  • wawa

    she should wear a metric fuckton of makeup more often

  • Gdrive

    cute face but skinny lanky no curves body. Way overrated her wimpy girly girl who only writes songs about past BF's who dump her sad as. I don't see the appeal but I wouldn't mind shoving my cockage into that cute mouth.

  • Vaivaks

    At least she writes her OWN songs! I don't see you winning CMA's!

  • Possum

    No honky tonk girl here. Taylor Swift never rode the bull and ain't country. She has big city ways about her.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    She just cute nothing eles.

  • Carl

    Taylor Swift is rather ugly.

  • Possum

    She is kind of cute, but that dress sure is ugly. In fact, its the ooglist dress I have seen since the hogs ate my baby sister.

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  • nick

    tell site where can watch teens they do dance the footloose love the footloose movie me

  • Anonymous

    Please show pictures of LeAnn Rimes. She is big breasted and beautiful. Not like this flat chested bimbo.

  • Anonymous

    Not bimbo, sex doll.

  • ..{Attractive man}..

    I wanna take katy perry to my room b'cuz i love her alot

  • Anonymous

    Leann Rimes ia better looking and a better songbird. Nothing to see here, just move on and keep moving.

  • Anonymous

    Open mouth, insert big johnson.

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