It's a makeupless Olivia Wilde in New York on Tuesday! Yikes


  • johnthetreehugger

    i guess this site is run by little suburban preppie dipshits who can not handle a real woman with no fucking paint on her face and the hair she was born with. fuck off to the Country Club and your plastic, painted toys, preppies!

  • wyoguy

    I would stop dead in my tracks, be really rude for staring at her, not be able to stop myself ... but not recognize her.

  • NienNumb

    i have never seen Olivia Wilde less than beautiful, and this photo is no exception. What's wrong with looking natural?

  • TrueLib

    Sad to see such a rapid decline. Probably smokes two packs a day.

  • DavidJ

    she is beautiful. nothing to blame.

  • Patrick L

    All the guys in the board think that she is hot with or without makeup. Who wrote this article?

  • Fr0styX

    She is hot!

    Still ?!? Even if ?!? Don't make me laugh... The majority of us can't even dream of waking up next to her.

    Whom ever posted this picture of Olivia thinkng that she
    looked horrible, obviously can't live in a world without make-up or photoshop.

    Natural beauty is not a crime.

  • 368388

    looks fine................. ''normal''..give her a break!!

  • terrence

    looks better than with makeup, why doesn't the person who posted put his/her picture up?

  • h

    i dont see whats so hot about her.

  • Ha, I would love to know who writes these kinds of comments. Please post your unaltered no makeup or touch up photos here for us to judge you too.

  • Troy Heber


  • gman

    She is very beautiful to me and that's all that really matters to me with or with out make up when it comes down to love I will eake love every time.

  • she's beautiful, since I'm a female and straight I'll leave it at that.

  • John Gull

    I agree she is a babe, with or without

  • Gerald


  • Lisa Renee

    She looks great!

  • medullapancreas

    Yup, still looks good.

  • Gwy

    Glad to read a lot of people just making sense here. She looks charming in this picture, even if it is clear that the pic itself is not good. Certainly there must be a sad life not to being able to admire beauty in a real woman.

  • waldo

    Certainly different

  • Marc_dimone

    She's still beautiful. All American, natural beautiful. xoxoxo

  • Kebeba

    Yikes? As in she doesn't look good?? I think she looks beautiful....clean, fresh, youthful....with amazing eyebrows.....still, I prefer the natural 'make up' look to harsh red lipsticks and heavy eyeshadow. Maybe the poster of this pic is brainwashed like so many other deluded people out there.

  • Danny

    Have you seen her in her last couple episodes of House. She has seriously lost ground with her looks, both face and body. I have no idea if she is a drinker but she has taken on that heavy drinker/ Alcoholic look.

  • Amky

    whoever posted this, lets see your pic without make-up!!

  • Amky


  • Paul Kemp

    She still looks awesome....

  • Chokolate84

    No, she is not! Most women look average to ugly without makeup.

  • Me

    You must be joking. She looks as awesome as ever.

  • Mds2244

    looks good to me!

  • Timbulb

    Fuck yeah, she's almost hotter.

  • Thewarisbasedonlies

    She honestly looks gorgeous without makeup - even though you found an awkward angle with very poor lighting. Wish I were half as handsome as she is beautiful.

  • Suse

    she is beautiful.

  • She's not beautiful or hot to me make up or not...

  • All the makeup in the world won’t hide that huge forehead of hers.

  • Colalight71

    Olivia Wilde would be still gorgeous even without a body. She's an idea, you know?

  • Nrml_guy

    Looks beautiful to me, maybe even more so without the makeup

  • She never looked pretty WITH makeup...

  • Letsscuba1977

    she is still hot

  • CrouchingWeasel

    Makeup or no makeup, she is a goddess amongst insects.

  • Delimandra

    meh, average? not pretty? she's still a freakin 9.5 without makeup

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