Lindsay Lohan leaving Rasputin nightclub in Paris (9/28)

All the years of hard work, scrimping, and saving have finally paid off for Lindsay Lohan! No more riding the bus! From Radar:
Lindsay Lohan is back from her European vacation and the first thing she did when she hit the U.S. was buy a new car - a sports car that cost almost $100,000! The 25-year-old starlet hit up the Porsche dealership in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday where she purchased a brand new Porsche Panamera, which has a sticker price of a whopping $80,000, a source close to Lindsay told

Apparently Lindsay’s neighbor and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson recently picked up a similar luxury vehicle from the same dealership and Lindsay was in love with that car so she decided to get one of her own.
How is it that Lindsay can somehow afford a brand new Porsche? She doesn't work, complains about being short on funds, and yet still spends money frivolously. Lindsay doesn't belong in Hollywood -- she belongs in Washington. Besides, if Lindsay really wanted to be reminded of her ex, she didn't need to buy the same ride as Sam. She just needed to hang the right air-freshener from her rear-view mirror: a pine tree can of StarKist.

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