Lindsay Lohan looks cracked out

As part of the punishment for violating her parole, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 16 hours community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue -- two 8 hour shifts -- between now and her next hearing on November 2. But this is a different Lindsay Lohan this time, honest! She's gonna show everyone she's serious! From TMZ:
We're told Lindsay has internalized Sautner's admonitions -- and is taking the entire experience today as one big warning that she needs to get her act together, stat. As a result, we're told Lindsay will be visiting the morgue tomorrow to get started on her community service. In fact, Lindsay says she's so serious about impressing the judge ... we're told she has promised to go to the morgue every day between now and her next hearing on November 2.
It's clear Lindsay has finally turned a corner and changed as a person . . . and it was clear for about 12 hours until she showed up to the morgue this morning:
Lindsay Lohan is going to be turned away from the L.A. County Morgue today, because she was late. Sources at the morgue tell TMZ ... Lindsay was scheduled to be at the morgue at 8 AM.  At 7:40, Lindsay's assistant called to say they were 10 minutes away.  By 8:20, she was still a no-show. So officials at the Coroner's Office have decided if Lindsay eventually shows up they will turn her away.
How long are we going to keep pretending that Lindsay is sober? Just look at the picture of her in court yesterday. She looks cracked out of her mind. She probably wants to go to the morgue every day so she can get high off the formaldehyde.

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  • Rallydreamer03

    She still has great breast...just sayin..>. >

  • Acemeister

    Nice makeup - she'll fit right in with the corpses. Empty out a drawer for her, stat!

  • Jay

    She is on a downward spiral for sure.

  • undertaker

    lookat her,she is clearly a zombie now and will not be responsible for her actions

  • Anonymous

    Whoever kicked the shit out of her and gave her that lovely new look is my hero

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    Really?? Meaning I'm not mistaken really she bad girl.

  • Nick

    If you have a dog, I would kick it in the head while you are watching me .. I miss the times when you used to play with my balls in your mouth

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    Hi nick crazy retard respect this page about lindsay not about play balls.

  • .♥.handsome.♥.

    Again???? You are boring like someone raped her.

  • Stew

    She was raped by what passes for a justice system in Los Angeles and California.

  • Lisa

    You Lindsay haters are so pathetic. How bout a little forgiveness and understanding.

  • Drake

    she's had so many chance's that it get old so shut up you don't know what you are talking about "LISA"why don't you smoke meth with her!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fine. I forgive you for being such a retarded cunt and I understand that it's not your fault that your parents are brother and sister

  • Anon

    How about not and she go to jail for being a criminal like all the other criminals.

  • Lisa 2

    Not problem i'm lisa 2

  • Anonymous

    She's probably going there to steal the dead's personal belongings and real gold fillings.

  • Drake

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!that's funny S#!&t

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