Lindsay Lohan has meth mouth

Lindsay Lohan attended the debut party for the new game "Saints Row: The Third" at Supperclub in West Hollywood last night, and I'm not a doctor, but I think it's bad when your teeth look like they're going to fall out at the age of 25. Holy shit she looks terrible. I've had random homeless chicks proposition me for a blowjob in a dark alley that looked healthier than her.

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  • EVERYONE knows she's a meth head. Good luck passing the physical for the insurance bond any acting role will make her get.

  • TattoodPrincess

    Because like the Kardashian's people love drama...

  • Susan

    She needs more than her grill fixed she need a clue,and some class.

  • Susan

    TWEAKER, TWEAKER, TWEAKER!!!!!bucha are blanch ya are!!!Girl Crissy crossed your path like a black cat,cause your going throght it,OK!!!

  • Evol Sliek

    Grill needs work. Susan she is not smart enough tto know what you are taking about. She's been thought a lot in a short period of time, she's all messed up! Up in smoke

  • Drake

    Well,she will just say bad teeth run in her family like lie's her mom taught her well!!!

  • Flgirl33

    Probably from her binge drinking-I hear if you puke enough the enamel wears off-or maybe she was to strung out to realize she had shit stuck between her teeth...

  • diana

    My God,she is really disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Those teeth were always freakishly small, and now they're freakishly brown, too, just like any junkie's teeth would be.

  • Bell Curve

    Why does this cow interest so many people? I don't get it.

  • ‎‎*_* hhaaanndddssooommeee *_*

    This girl Really looks dirty like never put water in her body.

  • Attractive man

    Face and teeth dirty . And how to be vagina??

  • rosie O

    I recommend my my yeast infection and fresh crab solution applied with my patented personel vaginal appilcator,Lindsay will have a bright smile in no time flat!!!

  • Anonymous

    It could be that sugar daddy cum fucks up your teeth, or maybe Lindsay forgot to cleanse her anus before her monthly ass-to-mouth-to-pay-the-rent.

    Or maybe she just needs to find a cleaner tuna taco where to bury her face in.

  • 8 inches

    Wow, her teeth look almost as dirty as her vagina.

  • Anonymous

    From the brown spots on her incisors, I can undestands that the bj already happened, and it happened after something far more nasty, else involving another orifice.

  • Anonymous

    Dear friends,

    Mama our Child is in love with a criminal!

    And this type of love

    Is not rational, it is physical!

    Mama please do not cry

    Boarding Schools for Trouble Teens will be Alright!

    All reasons GOD can handle inside

    Santa Mary just cannot deny

    Love the Holy Spirit guy!




    Jurgen R. Brul

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