At least Lindsay still has nice boobs

Lindsay Lohan is in court right now to face the music for being kicked out of her community service program. Oh cool, I can't wait to be underwhelmed by her punishment.

Line of the day so far (Judge Sautner to Lindsay's attorney Shawn Holley): "She is supposed to be an actress . . . from what I hear."

UPDATE (10:30): Is Lindsay on something? She's really fidgety, her pupils are dilated, her eyes keep darting back and forth, she keeps excusing herself from the courtroom to go "powder her nose" . . . okay I made up that last one.

UPDATE (10:35): Holy shit, Judge Sautner HATES Lindsay. Every comment from Holley is being met with a smartass comment from Sautner. I'm surprised she hasn't asked one of the bailiffs to punch Lindsay yet.

RESULTS (10:40): Lindsay's probation revoked. Lindsay walked out of court in handcuffs. Bail is $100,000 (which will be met immediately because the bailbondsman came to court with Lindsay -- how awesome is that). Hearing scheduled for November 1 . . . oopsy, Lindsay left her Chanel purse behind. Quick, someone steal it!

My favorite part of the hearing is when Judge Sautner said she wanted to have the next hearing on November 1 or 2 and Lindsay looked worried like she might have something scheduled that day. Who are you kidding bitch?

Lindsay has to complete 16 hours service (two 8 hour shifts) at the morgue before the next hearing on November 2. I hope all the valuables are removed from the bodies before Lindsay gets there.

UPDATE (11:00): Now with pics! Kinky!

10-19-2011 11-00-26 AM.jpg

*5 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

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